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  It is interesting that US univs allow students to just take exams for their prior knowledge and get college credit for that -- in India you have to study (or show attendance) before you can sit in the exam.
  One can spend just $60 for a CLEP exam and pass in that subject  instead of $1000 to take a subject class at a college (as required in India). SOmething like Open School in India - but here you can just sit and take exam -- in India's IG Open Univ you have to attend classes to be allowed to take exam (and that too for a full program only -of many subjects)
  PS: I might take CLEP exams for Alegbra, Trignometry and Calculus -and that after passing enrol for a higher level math course at UMD etc - to validate that my CLEP scores were good and I have college level math skills.

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