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I agree.

If the historical name was Jabalipuram, so be it. Assam NEVER was Asom.

That is the difference.

At 3:56 PM -0600 12/17/06, Rajen & Ajanta Barua wrote:
>If one looks at these name changes, all may make sense. In fact 
>another due change may be Baroda to Badodara.
>But Assam to Asom does not make any sense at all. This is a classic 
>example of what we say in Assamese:
>Dekhak dekhi kukurew pale ekadoxi.
>Adak dekhi keturai bwle mwkw kha.
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>Whats the world coming to. Here is a news item from the TOI along 
>some more name changes. Looks like these politicians and others have 
>little else to do.
>From the TOI:
>BHOPAL: After Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram and 
>Bengaluru, the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has passed a 
>resolution to rename the city to Jabalipuram.
>The BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh government is also mulling renaming 
>Bhopal to Bhojpal and Indore to Indur. 
>The resolution was passed in the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation 
>meeting on Saturday, both by BJP and Congress members. Corporators 
>said the city was being renamed after a sage in the 'Ramayana'. The 
>resolution has been sent to the state government.
>According to some BJP members, every part of the country should be 
>renamed after carrying out historical analysis and research.
>BJP leader Anil Dave told TOI, "Post Independence, we removed 
>British statues from the country. So why can't we remove the British 
>names of our cities?"
>"It was a demand by the people of Jabalpur to name it after 'rishi' 
>Jabali who had his meditation camp here," Jabalpur mayor Sushila 
>Singh said. "Let us connect our city with the history and culture of 
>our country. Jabalpur on the banks of river Narmada is a sacred 
>place of Hindu sages."
>Congress corporator Jagat Bahadur Singh said, "Sadhus gathered in my 
>ward in Narsingh and proposed that the city be renamed after sage 
>Jabali. This was Congress agenda, not the BJP's."
>Renaming Bhopal to Bhojpal (the city of king Bhoj) after Bhoj Deva - 
>the Paramara king who ruled the region from 1010 AD to 1055 AD and 
>was a soldier, builder, scholar and patron of learning - was BJP's 
>Bhoj Deva's position in history matched Vikramaditya Chandragupta II 
>who ruled from Ujjaini (now Ujjain).
>The first attempt to connect Bhopal to Raja Bhoj was made in 2002 
>when the name of the city's airport was changed to Raja Bhoj 
>International Airport.
>On 12/17/06, Dilip/Dil Deka 
><<mailto:dilipdeka at yahoo.com>dilipdeka at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Here we go again. Not being able to solve it locally, Assam has to 
>appeal to Delhi to intervene.
>It is intriguing that we do not know who is instigating this change. 
>The chief minister doesn't have the passion for the change. A large 
>number of community organizations don't want it. Then who does?
>I am not commenting on the name itself but on the process. The lack 
>of will to handle local problems locally is a symptom of a deeper 
>Dilip Deka
>Guwahati, Sunday, December 17, 2006
>'Asom' faces strong opposition
>By A Staff Reporter
>  GUWAHATI, Dec 16 - Though the State Assembly passed a resolution 
>yesterday on voice vote to replace 'Assam' with 'Asom' as per the 
>February 27, 2006 decision of the State Cabinet, there prevails a 
>strong opposition to the decision. Opposition members like Leader of 
>the Opposition Brindaban Goswami, AGP's Anup Phukan and CPI's Drupad 
>Bargohain were on their feet yesterday demanding discussion on the 
>resolution moved by Environment and Forests Minister Rockybul 
>Hussain on behalf of the State Government. But the Speaker silenced 
>them saying that the stage to initiate discussion on the move was 
>After the session was over, Anup Phukan told newsmen that even Chief 
>Minister Gogoi was pronouncing the name of the State as 'Assam'. The 
>Tai Ahom organizations are opposed to the idea of replacing 'Assam' 
>with 'Asom'. The Government should have gone for a detailed 
>discussion on the issue, Phukan said.
>Leader of the Opposition Brindaban Goswami said while speaking to 
>this newspaper today, that the Opposition members tried yesterday to 
>initiate a discussion on the issue. But they were denied any scope 
>to that effect.
>Elaborating, Goswami said, with several organizations and scholars 
>opposing the move to replace 'Assam' with 'Asom', a debate on the 
>issue was on. The Government also constituted an expert committee to 
>examine the issue. It was not clear as to whether the Government 
>moved the resolution as per the recommendation of the expert 
>committee or following its discussion with the organizations of the 
>ethnic groups and the scholars, Goswami said.
>Meanwhile, the Tai Ahom National Council, the apex body of the Tai 
>Ahom organizations, is preparing to move the court challenging the 
>resolution. The Council has also decided to convene a meeting of the 
>Tai Ahom organizations, the organizations of the ethnic groups like 
>the Koch-Rajbongshis, the Morans and Motoks, the Deuris, the Sonowal 
>Kacharis and the Chutiyas and the like-minded people who have been 
>opposing the move to effect a change in the spelling. The meeting is 
>planned in the city in the next week, said working president of the 
>Council Dr Prabin Konwar here today.
>The Council, which has 12 Tai Ahom organizations as its affiliates, 
>submitted a memorandum to the State Government drawing its attention 
>to the historical documents, which suggest the existence of the name 
>'Assam' from time immemorial, Dr Konwar said.
>The Council also contended the argument that Bombay became Mumbai, 
>Madras became Chennai, Calcutta became Kolkata, Gauhati became 
>Guwahati and Sibsagar became Sivasagar recently and this should also 
>apply to 'Assam' and it should be replaced with 'Asom', saying that 
>all those changes were effected only to undo the wrong committed by 
>the British colonial rulers.
>But in the case of 'Assam', the council argued, long before the 
>advent of the British colonial rulers to this part of the country, 
>Sihabuddin Talis, who accompanied Mirjumla, described the State as 
>'Assam'. Even Srimanta Sankaradeva described the State as Assam in 
>the 14 th century AD, it argued in its memorandum to the State 
>Government submitted after the February 27 decision of the State 
>Dr Konwar said that despite large-scale opposition to the Cabinet 
>decision, the Government led by Tarun Gogoi stuck to the decision 
>mysteriously failing to honour the sentiments of the indigenous 
>The Council has also decided to send memorandums to the President, 
>Prime Minister and the Ministry's concerned and all the MPs from the 
>NE region to veto the State Assembly resolution, Dr Konwar said.
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