[Assam] We Need Your Help

Chan Mahanta cmahanta at charter.net
Thu Dec 28 14:22:48 PST 2006


Are you suggesting a Harvard grad. knows little more than a 
desi-Matriculate as far as these issues are concerned?

If true, that will be a very disappointing revelation.

Anyway, IF you don't know what the CONSTITUTION -- the document that 
you say lays down the powers of elected reps., provides for, then HOW 
DID YOU come to BELIEVE that Assam legislators have the power to 
change the state's name?

And if they do, what kind of a mandate do they require? A simple 
majority? A minority, in a coalition govt. like the Assam govt. today 
is? Or a thumping run-away majority running on a platform carrying 
the issue in its agenda for Assam ? What?

Or is it something you made up on the fly?

When I assert something as my BELIEF, I would never, ever make 
something up, without understanding what it is all about. Seems like 
your beliefs are not that well-founded.

What am I missing  here?


At 10:11 PM +0000 12/28/06, umesh sharma wrote:
>One doesn't have to be Harvard trained for knowing why we elect 
>people for public offices. Those who study in high school have 
>to study that in India as Civics (and I believe in US also -as 
>Anyway I am not an expert on what exactly can the elcted officials 
>can/not do and how they must go about it --- I am not a 
>constitutional expert - I gave my thought as a citizen --just like u 
>asked. If the populace doesn't like the new name the citizens do 
>have every right to raise their voice - and later create enough din 
>that a new govt is elected which reverts back to the original name. 
>Democracy depends upon public opinion of the majority --just like 
>based on public pressure Leningrad has again become St Petersburg.

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