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even without BPOs inside Assam those NRAs in US can become body shoppers or contractors - and help get qualified professional Assamese youth H1-B visas.

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    Highlights are mine, and to draw C'da attention. The AT seems to be shouting hoarse 'security' and putting the onus on a civil society. 
  Why Not BPO Here? 
K ashmiri boys and girls are getting hooked to 
jobs created by the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The Valley youths, who still carry the bruises of an embattled past and present, are finding the call centre jobs worth doing. The attractions are high salaries and competitive work environment. After long years of trials and tribulations, the youths have found a way to channelize their creative urges. Despite the fact that the BPO industry is quite nascent in the Valley, what is interesting is that more and more youths are queuing up outside BPO recruiting centres in the Valley so as to find placement in metropolitan cities where they can have a better privilege of higher salaries and independent lifestyle. Compare the situation with Assam or, for that matter, the rest of the North-east. The BPO phenomenon is yet to hit Assam in the real sense, though the fact remains that our convent-educated youths have already joined some good call centres in the metropolitan cities. What one really needs is a flourishing BPO
 industry in this part of the country, crippled as it is by disadvantages stemming from abysmal infrastructure development. In today's globalized world order, the BPO sector provides tremendous scope for employment opportunities. Add to this, then, our grim unemployment scenario. No doubt, the BPO industry may flourish here, but one has to first pave the way for peace. As long as gun shots are heard in the region and as long as the civil society remains blind to the needs of changing times, no one can ever think of the BPO phenomenon here. In fact, the BPO industry looks for agile and smart girls who have excellent communication skills. And they definitely need better security, not the one that Assam has as of now. Who will take the lead then? 
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