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C-da,     Glad you liked it. I am also learning by working with the non profit here - and receiving support and positive criticism - unlike at Jaipur School.     Umesh     Title: Re: [Assam] [Frgraduates-list] Civic Education Project (No     Thanks Umesh. It is good. Something to note.

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  anyone interested? Can organize such events in India also.     Pl. see her blog link at the bottom to see how she is faring in the short term Microneisa's edu project (near Indonesia). It has been quite useful for me to learn from the experiences of my classmates from their blogs.  Hers is quite interesting. I have since applied to some jobs in SE Asia and South Asia -even India [where I was not so much keen -since all Indian grads of Edu. schools - of US univ (Harvard, Stanford atleast) do that and I did not want to follow the herd but want  to see the world].      Many have gone back to their countries - to Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Japan. Some are working abroad in Chad (Africa), China, Taiwan, Swiss, (Micronesia is under US dominion). I couple of Chinese girls are still in US like me. It seems Chinese and Indians have more aspirations to learn from US than those from ot! her nations.      Umesh

Margaret Elise Richards <post.harvard.edu> wrote:
  Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 08:57:55 +1100
From: Margaret Elise Richards <post.harvard.edu>
Subject: [Frgraduates-list] Job Opportunities: Civic Education Project

If you want to help develop the leaders of tomorrow...  If you want to know that you have made a positive difference in the world...  If you want to empower young people to create change in their communities...  ...then the Civic Education Project wants YOU!  
  The Civic Ed! ucation Project (CEP) is a leadership and citizenship development program based at Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development. We bring together some of the brightest young leaders from around the country and give them the chance to apply their gifts toward understanding and impacting some of the most pressing social problems facing our society. We are now hiring exceptional staff to help make our Spring & Summer 2006 programs possible!  
   CEP offers weeklong field study programs for 9th-12th graders during the academic year, and intensive, three-week service-learning courses for 7th-12th graders during the summer. CEP programs explore complex social issues through academic study, meaningful service work, and meetings with community leaders. Built around these components, our curriculum teaches young people how to apply their skills and abilities to pressing social issues in their o! wn communities. This year, CEP will offer programs in Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco, covering a wide variety of topics, including urban poverty, education, homelessness, environment, public health, politics, leadership, and social change.  
  Instructional, residential, and administrative positions are available, ranging from one-week to seven-week sessions in the spring or summer. Staff generally receive a cash stipend, room and board, and training in service-learning and experiential education. However, the biggest payoff comes from the opportunity to work with bright, motivated students, build community with passionate, dynamic colleagues, and gain valuable experience educating young people about civic engagement and social responsibility. The investment of your time and effort will be multiplied by the students we teach, as they take these t! ools and build a better tomorrow.  
  Staff applications for our spring programs are due no later than January 25, 2006, and summer staff consideration begins February 1, 2006 -- so if you're interested, be sure to apply now!  
  To learn more about CEP's spring and summer programs and staff positions, or to complete an application, check out our website at:  http://www.ctd.northwestern.edu/cep/jobs.html  
  Take a LITTLE TIME to make a BIG DIFFERENCE!  

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691.921.0685 cell

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