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Part -I

Respected Kartik  and Namita,


Thanks a lot for your kind initiative. I will be sending in detailed   soon.  You can still check   the site http://www.cic.nic.in  for details about CIC. 


Back ground

In sept, 2002,    CIC  was launched in all 487 blocks of North East  with the following objectives,

  1.. To provide ICT infrastructure in rural area.
  2.. To provide web access and Internet services in rural block with VSAT satellite link broadband connectivity.
  3.. To provide market access and e-COMMERCE
  4.. Access to socio-economic database
  5.. E- learning , E- education 
  6.. E- medicine and e-consulting
  7.. E-governance application for rural people
  8.. Weather information
  9.. IT awareness in local people, capacity development, 
  10.. Computer training, IT skill upgradation
  11.. E-employment
  12.. Entertainment, Edutainment 
  13.. Multiple service delivery point of govt as well as private services
  14.. Any other internet enable services
  15.. etc.


  1.. 1 Server, 5 clients, 1 laser printer , 1- DMP, CD writer, web cam,
  2.. 1 2kva & 1 1 kva UPS
  3.. Direcway 4020  VSAT internet broadband connectivity linked with National NICNET ICT network
  4.. TV with satellite receiver to receive signals broadcast over CIC network
  5.. Two technical CIC operators

Project Implementation and Management

  1.. The project is jointly implemented by Central & state Govt. In national level National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt of India and the respective state government. In Assam the state nodal agency is the Industry & Commerce department.
  2.. The entire project has been funded by DIT ( Dept of Technology) Govt of India and NIC is  the implementing Agency. NIC's responsibility included development of application software and technical support to CIC.
  3.. As part, a complaint Management Information system has been developed by NIC where CIC operators lodge hardware complaints which are automatically forwarded to vendors.
  4.. Video Conferencing meeting are held every week with State Informatics Officer, vendors, NIC HQ for trouble shooting and complaint rectification. The implementation and the management of the project is closely monitored by District Informatics Officers and State Informatics Officers.
  5.. The respective state governments were entrusted for site selection and preparation, manpower recruitment and management.
  6.. Content creation for various services/ applications is the responsibility of state governments supported by NIC.

Services offered by CIC

  1.. IT education and training -
    1..  One month/ 3 months certificate/ 6 months diploma/ 1 year PD Diploma at nominal price.
    2.. Screen printing, DTP, web designing, Digital photography, video recording ( in some CICs)
    3.. CLP course of DOEACC.
    4.. CCC course of IGNOU.
  2.. ICT awareness in schools, college, farmers, SHG, NGO, Panchayats etc.
  3.. Rural Knowledge enrichment - quiz competition, seminar, workshop, get together, Technology demonstration.
  4.. Support to NGOs, SHGs
    1.. Downloading of useful information
    2.. Instant dissemination of important information
    3.. Computer literacy course
  5.. ASHA Customarize project for small farmers i.e. http://assamagribusiness.nic.in

  6.. E-mail and internet access, -
    1..  Information on education, health, examination result, job vacancy, career opportunities, newspaper & magazines, rail & airlines booking, hospital information and booking, medical consultation at nominal price. 
    2.. online chat, online job application,  
    3.. E-post
    4.. Printing , CD writer, 
    5.. E-mail accounts creation for govt  deptts.

  7.. E-commerce - buying and selling ICICI stock, eBay, indiatimes shopping, rediffmail shopping, rural bazaar etc.
  8.. Access to the govt information from various govt portals viz.http://goidirectory.nic.in,  etc.
  9..  Data building       Database building  on Below poverty level people,  Block database
  10.. Citizen Centric Application 
    1.. E- subidha 
    2.. ASHA
    3.. Rural soft
    4.. G2C
    5.. Forms
f.   e-diagnostic through web cam

g. Telemedicine  

h. E- session 

12. Entertainment & news  

    1.. Downloading of music , games, software i.e. http://www.download.com
    2.. Travel guidance
    3.. Receiving  of cinema, entertainment programs through IRD TV
    4.. Online chat, making online friends, matrimony
    5.. Education programme through Doordarshan

  13..  Support to the Govt.
    1.. Election data entry and election result broadcasting
    2.. Voter list
    3.. Staff training, office record computerization

  14..  Information dissemination  
    1.. Each CIC has own block community portal.
    2.. Most of the CIC have their own websites

  15.. E- governance  in a few CICs.

D. Dutta
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