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  I agree killing of Ajit Mahanta was wrong but why did they not protest non violently only. As in the account given by Assam Tribune : 
  http://www.mail-archive.com/assam%40assamnet.org/msg03800.html some of the instigators -from behind-- pushed people towards the police and lynched a couple of CRPF soldiers in their midst who had tried to pacify the mob. Killing one of the sodires while others escaped. The politicinas killed the soldiers from the back of the mob - while pushing others forward to face the bullets by police in retailiation.
  Haven't we seen it elsewhere. The politicians push people from the back -to set fire to themselves etc - while the backbenchers  reap politicial mileage. A couple of years back in a student rally at Jaipur one of the college students set fire to himself. Later he recovered but said that someone else has poured petrol on him and set fire to him -- one of the student leaders -who sought political mileage out of the event.
  It was certainly wrong for GOA not to take adequate measures to pacify the local people on Ajit Mahanta's death --causing 20,000 people (as per national media) who later had gathered. 
  It was very stupid of Sonia Gandhi to use that very day as the day to lauch a political campaign in the state. She promoted the image the national govt is only interested in politics and not in people's welfare . Instead of launching the elkection campaign she should have visted the area to pacify the people and avoid such largescale protests .
  Just my views.

  PS: Indian army is very uncouth is common knowledge. Even at Delhi train station the soldiers to frontlines regulalrly bully train drivers and passengers -to delay trains and declare whole (unreserved) bogies as only for army -throwing out poor passengers - I have been out myself many a times. 
  Further, in Rajasthan desert also the India soldiers - on Indo-Pak border while in lined up for years - following the Terrorist attack on Indian Parliament of Dec 2002 -- they beat up many villagers and took away food items and goats for their own use. Some even molested girls. 
priyankoo sarma <priyankoo123 at rediffmail.com> wrote:
    >  http://www.mail-archive.com/assam%40assamnet.org/msg01433.html Why different?

My postings were did not have anything to do with supporting or not supporting ULFA. The point is that why should innocent villagers like Mahanta be killed in the name of capturing ULFA. Why should a 75 year old man be shot in his head suspecting him as ULFA?

>  These assembled people killed a CRPF soldier by stoning him to death, why and how. Did the soldiers run away or what? http://inwww.rediff.com/newshound/showarticle.htm?rediffid=http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1410548.cms

Read the newspapers from Assam. Janaxadharan clearly mentions how the two CRPF people were killed in Assam Police firing. I hardly trust the Indian newspapers in presenting issues pertaining to Assam. 

>  A similar incident happened in Afghanistan when some Afghans were shot dead by their police last week when they attempted to advance towards a US army base - in protest against cartoons in Danish papers.

So what? Does that imply that incident in Kakopothar is justified?

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