[Assam] US & Indian National Media and army's coverage - ignore it?

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Sun Feb 12 19:18:03 PST 2006

It seems that the national consciousness in India is not focused on insurgency in India regions. Only issues elsewhere such as Iran, Nepal, cricket match  draw attention and are mentioned in the headlines today . It may be because the national newspapers are based in Delhi where the army chiefs stay as do their children and relatives -many of whom work in newsmedia. Check out Indian Express, Time of India , Rediff, NDTV etcc -- no headlines on Assam. The Delhi based media writes only what is useful to them.
   Internet is thus a viable option to express opinion. Thank God for internet.
   Delhi -is dominated by Punjabis (incl Sikhs) and Jats -- who traditionally have been the mainstay of Indian army. So how can one expect the newsmedia -to tell tales about one of its own. 
  Secondly, unlike USA where TV and other newsmedia continuosly probe the govt and esp army and CIA's work --Indian newsmedia does not seem to be interested. Maybe becos in US amry mostly poor people go - so it is easier to point fingers at them whereas in India only the elite go (as officers the educated elite go - as privates or lower ranking soldiers - the village elite go) so noone wants point fingers  at them.

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