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They send it at strange times. This mail was sent in at 3 am last night. Maybe it is a 24by7 job! All the articles are interesting but the one on Piecing it together, Harvard president's skills requirements, Unbiased Trustees for schools, National Teacher Jason and poor students etc are more so.

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  Monthly Edition
March 2006 
o Upcoming Events 
o Features     
   Piecing It Together  
   Equity of Opportunity for All Children   
   McCartney Co-Edits Early Childhood Development Handbook  
   Sesame Street's Turn on Appian Way
  o HGSE in the News
  o New from the Harvard Family Research Project
  March 3–4: The Fourth Annual HGSE Alumni of Color Conference 
  March 7: Jeanne S. Chall Lecture and Award Presentation—The second annual lecture in honor of Jeanne Chall whose seminal work on reading research and instruction influenced scholarship on the teaching of reading in schools and universities throughout the country.
  April 4: Burton Lecture on Elementary Education—Inspiring Our Students for Success: There Are No Shortcuts—A presentation by teacher Rafe Esquith and his fifth-grade students where they describe the "culture of excellence" that drives them all, the intense study that takes place well beyond the school day, and the results that follow them for life. 
  Askwith Education Forums
  March 3: Education and Catastrophe: Communities of Color Responding and Moving Forward—Panelists will discuss how they understand and define catastrophe. Specific attention will be drawn to events affecting individuals and communities of color and will include any occurrence that has affected a community's ability to drive the education of its members. This forum is being held in conjunction with the annual Alumni of Color Conference.
  March 9: Community Organizing and School Reform—This forum will focus on community organizing as a strategy to build civic participation and power in low income communities and as a powerful force for change in urban schools.
  March 14: Learning to be a Citizen: Civic Education and Immigration in the U.S.—A discussion of the opportunities that this fourth wave of immigration poses for the civic education of immigrant children, and for the debates about membership in American society. 
  March 16: What Happens When Courts Make Funding Plentiful for Poor School Districts? New Jersey’s Abbott Districts—Can whole school systems be transformed to close achievement gaps? Does money matter? Thirty little-known Abbott Districts in New Jersey are the nation’s leading response. Offered in collaboration with the Achievement Gap Initiative, this is the first in a series of three events.
  March 23: Educational Research in the 21st Century: Connecting the Scholar and the Classroom—This forum includes panelists with diverse perspectives— those involved in both qualitative and quantitative study, those who have pioneered new ways of approaching investigation, and those who combine research with practic—who will reflect on the past and future of educational research, especially its role in driving the field of education forward. Offered in collaboration with the Harvard Educational Review in celebration of HER's 75th anniversary. 
  To view a more complete list of upcoming lectures and conferences at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, please visit our online events listings.
  If you would like to give feedback on a past Askwith Education Forum or have an idea for a future forum topic or speaker, please take the Askwith Education Forum Survey.
  Piecing It Together: How HGSE Is Forming Partnerships to Solve Educational Challenges
Believing there is strength in numbers—and disciplines—HGSE faculty are forging partnerships with other Harvard schools to more effectively solve problems currently facing education.
  Equity of Opportunity for All Children
On February 15, National Teacher of the Year Jason Kamras, Ed.M.'00, returned to HGSE to speak at the Askwith Education Forum.
  McCartney Co-Edits Early Childhood Development Handbook
The Blackwell Handbook of Early Childhood Development, co-edited by Lesser Professor and Acting Dean Kathleen McCartney with Professor Deborah Phillips of Georgetown University, was released by Blackwell Publishing in February.
  Sesame Street's Turn on Appian Way
Four top executives from Sesame Workshop visited HGSE to talk to students enrolled in the second year of "Informal Learning for Children," a course that teaches the successes of Sesame Street. 
  To view a more complete list of feature stories, please visit the HGSE News home page.
  The following is a list of recent media appearances by HGSE faculty members. Please note: Web sites are increasingly requiring registration and, in some cases, charging fees for viewing content. Availability of article at transmission time of HGSE News is noted.
  Wanted: Harvard Prez. Political Skills Required
Professor Richard Chait discusses the difficulties in taking on the job of university president. (Business Week, 2/23/06)
  To: Professor at University.edu Subject: Why It's All About Me
Wirth Chris Dede comments on how e-mail has changed the student/professor relationship. (New York Times, 2/21/06. Paid registration required.)
  When Trustees Blunder
Professor Richard Chait writes about the ineffective governance that plagues some universities and colleges. (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/17/06. Free registration required.)
  Study Says Ed Policy Favors Whites
Professor Gary Orfield discusses the study by the Harvard University Civil Rights Project indicating that the No Child Left Behind Act favors less poor, mostly white school districts. (Harvard Crimson, 2/16/06)
  Getting Good Grades is as Easy as S-M-P
Professor Daniel Koretz comments on the trend in elementary schools toward standards-based grading systems. (Boston Globe, 2/16/06. Paid registration required.)
  Fast-Track Certification: Can We Prepare Teachers Both Quickly and Well?
Pforzheimer Professor Susan Moore Johnson and Sarah Birkeland, Ed.D.'05, address the problems and promise of fast-track alternative certification programs. (Education Week, 2/15/06. Free registration required.)
  Little Haiti School Tries to Ease Parents' Concerns
Professor Gary Orfield comments on the integration of children from working-class families with those of middle-class and higher incomes in a public elementary school in Florida. (Miami Herald, 2/1/06)
  New Group of Researchers Focuses on Scientific Study
Warren Professor Ellen Condliffe Lagemann comments on the recent formation of a professional society that will focus solely on advancing scientifically rigorous studies in education. (Education Week, 2/1/06. Free registration required.) 
  Please visit our news archive at http://www.gse.harvard.edu/news/inthenews/ for a more complete listing of appearances of HGSE faculty in the press.
  Harvard Family Research Project, in partnership with BOSTnet and United Way of Massachusetts Bay, announces the release of a new comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to understanding how to engage families in after school programs.
  "Focus on Families! How to Build and Support Family-Centered Practices in After School" is a critical resource for afterschool providers looking to create or expand an existing family engagement program. Program leaders, local decision makers, funders, and others interested in promoting good family involvement practice will also find the guide vital to their work. The guide provides a research base for why family engagement matters, concrete program strategies for engaging families, case studies of promising family engagement efforts, and an evaluation tool for improving family engagement practices.
  "Focus on Families! How to Build and Support Family-Centered Practices in After School" represents a key component of HFRP’s ongoing efforts to understand and promote best practice in linking OST programs to families. It is also an important piece of HFRP's new "complementary learning" approach to supporting children's learning and development. Complementary learning is based on the principle that for young people to be successful from birth through adolescence they need access to an array of quality learning contexts that extend beyond the school and are linked to one another. These learning contexts include early childhood programs, out-of-school time programs, community institutions such as health and social services agencies, families, and, of course, schools.
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