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Dear Rajen,

The topic for the subject "One must Take Responsibility" was not bride-burning in India. That came up as a simile, similar to jewish holocaust, which was denied by the jailed British historian David Irving.

Denied by the society in general, Bride-burning is a heartrending tragedy, and no wonder everyone got excited and forgot the original issue.

The original issue was that one must take responsibility about public utterances that may harm millions. 

To my question 
"Dear Chandan, Since you "do support the 'sovereignty ' aspirations or demands", when Assam becomes independent as a result of your support, will you take responsibility if millions of people lose their lives in Assam as a chain result of the  independence and sovereignty ? Will you take responsibility ?", 

Chandan Mahanta could not say that he would take the responsibility. 

Instead Chandan Mahanta asked me back: "You will need to explain how you see that happening, before I can give you an answer." 

IN OTHER WORDS, Chandan has been pleading for "independence and sovereignty " of Assam without even thinking of all the pros and cons. Now he wants me to think for him.

This is a case of grave irresponsibility. The tragic analogy was what Mountbatten said before partition of India in 1947. When asked what he would do if communal rioting broke up in Pakistan and India after his "pet project" of partition, Mountbatten retorted vehemently that he would use army and airforce to stop communal rioting. 

In reality, he did not do any such thing. 1 million people lost their lives and several millions got injured & lost everything as a result of partition. 

Chandan Mahanta is running his "pet project" of  "independence and sovereignty " of Assam from a safe distance of the USA. When asked about taking responsibility, he is unusually quiet.

I hope the young intellectuals of assamnet will see the light.

With the best wishes,
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