[Assam] Virgin Love : underage lure for some Indian techies; SE Asia tourism

umesh sharma jaipurschool at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 15:12:06 PDT 2007

As I was talking to Partha-da the other day I am amazed at the wonderful experiences I tend to have . Then I recalled my Vancouver visit and stay at my Harvard classmate Anisa (a white American) and her hubby Pouya's place at www.ubc.ca and Bahai faith and schooling at Maxwel International School, Vancouver Island - it is amazingly different from western stereotypes. Bahais maintain celibacy till marriage and marry only after parents' consent.
  And also how different Indian stereotype is in US and Canada - perhaps becos in Canada 10% are Asians and have been living there for hundreds of years (icl Sikhs) and are into mining, farming, judo-Karate schools, cinema theatres etc -- unlike US where mostly techies, whitecollared fin whizes and few motel owners and only 0.01% of population.

umesh sharma <jaipurschool at yahoo.com> wrote:
  I was seeing this MSNBC show and was amazed to see Indian accent guys with Indian names - all from California computer industry - like Pulkit Mathur yesterday -- seeking sex with 13 year old US virgins. This perhaps follows from the Indian penchent for virgin sex partners/brides and shunning of widows and divorcee women in India. It follows from Asian psyche/stereotype that only virgin available in US are those still in the process of becoming women -very young.
  On that count my landlord is a winner. He seeks/sought partners online of all races thru www.craigslist.com, www.shaadi.com (Indian matrimonial site where he sometimes found Indian American girls willing to play along) but -all of age of consent. He does it opnely and is unmarried may be the reason . Others like on MSNBC program -might be married or want to appear good and Indian .
  Ofcourse, it is an open secret that many Indian companies send their start performers and dealers, business partners to Thailand and other South East Asian countries (without their spouses) so that indulge in secret pleasures. Those in IT field (like one I met from Infosys -while in Bhopal , India - was posted in Hong Kong and had experimented in that place as well as Las Vegas) 
  Ofcourse, in India there are many "virgins" of appropriate age - willing in this cyber age even in smaller India cities - for such guys http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4124121.stm
  Any comments?
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