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  Guest at the show he sweated for
- Singer recalls the  triumphs & tribulations of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest   Idol Chat    Voice of India Debojit Saha offers a curtain raiser  to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007...
 The stage is set for Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa  Challenge 2007 and I cannot help but get nostalgic about the popular  musical reality show. I feel a sense of deja vu at the very mention of  the show and all my triumphs and tribulations at its last edition come alive at  once. 
 I have vivid memories of how my fans in Assam stood by  me and helped me win the coveted title.
 It would not be wrong to say that Debojit is nobody  without the Voice of India title and support of his fans. I will always remain  indebted to the Almighty and my fans for helping me win the tough contest.
 It gives me immense pride and satisfaction to inform  you that Zee TV has invited me as a special guest of honour for the curtain  raiser of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge, 2007. In fact, I will perform  live for the audience when the show kicks off. 
 Zee TV will also show clippings of my last year’s  journey at the show — from an underdog to a winner.
 The show’s new host is young singer Aditya Narayan,  son of Udit Narayan. Aditya recently took my interview, which will be aired as  part of the inaugural episode of Challenge 2007. The interview mostly rekindles  my memorable moments at Challenge 2006.
 The special episode will also beam snippets from the  show’s last edition, including my visit to Guwahati before the finals. It was  extremely touching as hordes of people came out of their houses to greet me and  bless me. 
 All those heartwarming scenes will come alive once  again on television during Challenge 2007.
 I will never forget my stint at the show. My childhood  dream of becoming a popular singer was realised on its sets. It gave me a new  lease of life and I have not looked back since.
 The shooting for the second edition of Zee Bangla’s  Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has also begun, after the successful completion of the  first edition. Anchoring the show is a huge responsibility, but exciting too, as  I get to meet many talented, aspiring singers. The show will be aired from  May.
 The second edition of the show will begin with a Bihu  bang. I have sung a beautiful Bihu number for it. I want Bihu songs — Assam’s  pride — to become a musical rage across the country. This is the season of  spring and I want everybody to get soaked in the Bihu mania. Bihu is all about  celebrating the journey of life with great fun and frolic. So let us celebrate  life, the Bihu way. 

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