[Assam] " VEDANTA" Looting Orissa's Heirloom-and leaving only a trail of destruction behind-and fat pockets

umesh sharma jaipurschool at yahoo.com
Wed May 2 10:50:41 PDT 2007

  Tell me of ONE (only one) privately run business which you apporve of. Given your fear of capitalism I don't think you would approve of any private company -let alone Avedanta.

      P  {  margin:0px;  padding:0px  }  body  {  FONT-SIZE: 10pt;  FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma  }    Dear Achyut Das, 
Please note following:
*India claims to be  "Almost a superpower".
*India makes noises at UN ,Environmental Forums, Green Earth....
*Indian LEADERSHIP is supposed to ensure that India's -Orissa's-Andhra's-Assam's final wealth-in-the-ground are not for fast looting to create more Ambanis,Mittals,Tatas,POSCo s--and streets paved with Gold in Delhi-Haryana-London-Davos-Cancun....,
*We have  to decide what "Development" we need--- to achieve what?
*Does it mean that whom we trained up -giving everything we have-join the Looters to fleece us more? And  then Show Us Guns-and Talks of "Sacred Constitution-written by Our Founding Fathers"
*Did we vote MP's to use Diplomatic Passports to Traffic Humans-or to write more LAWS -what can they? Or to amass 5000Crores each (and get shot by the Brother)
*Did you Vote "LAWMAKERS" to "GRANT" Mineral Leases-and to buy 'BoforsGuns and Helicopters' to use to quell protesters trying to stop the loot? To "DEFEND" the Nation?
*Answer to all these are in your hands
*Think Globally and act locally!!

Regarding Pollution Control Monitoring:
These are tiny problems -- Lower Primary School Techers in all villages can be trained in a week and equipped -spending peanuts- to daily monitor /Keep log of all Water/Air-borne pollution  and to sound alarm bells.
Get your local College/University Ph.D's to  come to their villages to justify their ill-begotten Doctorates!!
Best Wishes for Clean Orissa-Happy Orissa-Unspoilt Orissa--maybe "Underdeveloped Orissa". Orissa Survived Since Emperor Ashoka's time by spreading to Lanka and Indo-China.
Put fancy "Progress" on HOLD
Mukul Mahant
Consulting Engineer-Guwahati in Assam 

  To: orissamining at yahoogroups.com
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From: achyutdas at agragamee.org
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 06:23:15 +0530
Subject: [WaterWatch] Re: SPAM [orissamining] More Vedanta

  Dear Friends,
  I am very much concerned that Vedanta Bauxite Mining and Alumina Refinery will destroy two major rivers - Bansadhara and Nagavalli originating from Naiyamgiri Hills and flowing through South Orissa into Andhra Pradesh. It is feared that the pH in these rivers will be around 14 and one can imagine the impact.
  I am sending this mail to seek support from the environmentalists and scientists to monitor the pollution level in these two rivers. 
  My suggestion is that we should have selected locations where local people/youths can be trained to monitor water quality.
  Can any one help with a design for the monitoring system?
  With best wishes,
  Achyut Das
  Achyut Das
Kashipur - 765015
Rayagada Orissa
  phone: 06865 285174/ 0674 2551123/2557936
fax: 06865 285174/0674 2551130
e-mail: agragamee at satyam.net.in
           achyutdas at agragamee.org
  website: www.agragamee.org
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  From: Environmental Protection Group Orissa 
  To: orissamining at yahoogroups.com 
  Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 7:55 AM
  Subject: SPAM [orissamining] More Vedanta

  Padayatras taken out for and against Vedanta plant
  Statesman News Service 
BHAWANIPATNA, April 25: Kalahandi witnessed hectic political activities today with those who are for and against Vedanata group taking out separate padayatras and their leaders delivering fiery speeches. 
  The 12-day long padayatra of Green Kalahandi ~ started on 14 April giving call for protection of Jal-Jamin-Jungle ~ concluded here with a public meeting wherein Opposition leaders launched a tirade against the state government for showing "undue favour" to Vedanata Industries. Led by former Union minister Mr Bhakta Charan Das, the meeting was addressed by OPCC chief Mr Jayadev Jena, Mr Umesh Swain, Left party leaders such as Mr Janardan Pati and Mr Ashish Kanungo and also Mr Srikanta Jena. Mr Bhakta Charan Das, who has formed Green Kalahandi, said mining on the Niyamagiri hills would destroy the ecological balance and nothing in terms of compensation or rehabilitation and resettlement policy could compensate the destruction that would take place. A seven point charter addressed to the Governor was released on the occasion. 
  Simultaneously, another set of political padayatris under the banner of Kalahandi Bikash Abhijan held a meeting in Kesinga today. This move, allegedly conducted by the ruling BJD leaders, was to project the Vedanta industries as a boon for the district and the local people.Mr Balabhadra Majhi, BJD MLA, who was unceremoniously sacked from the ministry, addressed the meeting along with Mr Ayub Ali Khan, Mr Bhawani Shankar Nial and others. They hailed the industrial policy of the state government and how it had attracted a major industry to a district like Kalahandi. The leaders alleged that some disgruntled and rejected politicians were trying to put a spoke in the wheels of development only to garner political mileage. 
A memorandum addressed to chief minister was released on the occasion wherein there was demand to gear up periphery development activity by the plant and to look into the interest of the local youths in the matter of employment. 

website: www.freewebs.com/epgorissa   

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