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Hello Umesh-Ji:
You must have earned an EIC (Earned Income Credit) from the IRS. So, enjoy it! :)
People with a moderate income may earn this EIC, who may or may not be raising children. I know it because we qualified for it once upon a time.
                                              Workers who were not raising children in their
                                              home, were between ages 25 and 64 on
                                              December 31, 2006, and had income below
                                             $12,120 (or $14,120 for married workers) can
                                              get an EIC up to $412.
This (or any IRS site) has more information it - http://www.cbpp.org/eic2007/EIC_Facts_Text.pdf

“In order to make spiritual progress you must be patient like a tree and humble like a blade of grass”
- Lakshmana

Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 05:03:55 +0100From: jaipurschool at yahoo.comTo: assam at assamnet.orgSubject: [Assam] Harvard MBA Newsletter: All Eyes on Slovakia's Flat Taxany good for India?US tax seems better - I was charged a negative 4.6% tax. Infact the govt of USA gave me some extra money back!  How is that possible?UmeshHBS Working Knowledge <workingknowledge at hbs.edu> wrote: 
To: jaipurschool at YAHOO.COMDate: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 11:28:06 -0400 (EDT)From: "HBS Working Knowledge" <workingknowledge at hbs.edu>Subject: Newsletter: All Eyes on Slovakia's Flat Tax

Highlights this Week

Q&A: All Eyes on Slovakia's Flat Tax 
Research & Ideas: Feeling Stuck? Getting Past Impasse 
Summing Up: Will Market Forces Stop Global Warming? 
First Look: New publications from HBS faculty ============================== 
New on the Site
Q&A: All Eyes on Slovakia's Flat Tax
http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5653.htmlThe flat tax is an idea that has burst to life in post-communist Eastern and Central Europe, especially in Slovakia. But is the rest of the world ready? A new Harvard Business School case on Slovakia's complex experience highlights many hurdles elsewhere, as HBS professor Laura Alfaro, Europe Research Center Director Vincent Dessain, and Research Assistant Ane Damgaard Jensen explain in this Q&A.
Research & Ideas: Feeling Stuck? Getting Past Impasse
http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5548.htmlFeeling "stuck," as psychologically painful as it is, is the first step to awareness of new opportunities in career and in life, says Harvard Business School's Timothy Butler. In this Q&A and excerpt from his new book, Getting Unstuck, he explains six steps for getting from here to there.
Summing Up: Will Market Forces Stop Global Warming?
http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5660.htmlOnline forum now closed. HBS professor Jim Heskett sums up many creative responses from readers on the role of business in combatting global climate change.
First Look: Cutting-Edge Faculty Research
http://hbswk.hbs.edu/firstlook/index.htmlEach week First Look summarizes new working papers, case studies, and publications produced by Harvard Business School faculty. Here readers get a "first look" at cutting-edge ideas before they enter the mainstream of business practice. 
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Feeling Stuck? Getting Past Impasse
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Homers: Secrets on the Factory Floor
Best of Faculty Q&As
Homers: Secrets on the Factory Floor
http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5035.htmlHomers are things you make for personal use while on company time. Professor Michel Anteby says that although the practice might be illegal, some companies secretly endorse it. Here's why.
Working Paper Spotlight
Entrepreneurship and Business History: Renewing the Research Agenda
http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5495.htmlby Geoffrey Jones and R. Daniel WadhwaniDownload the PDF. Business historians are uniquely situated to integrate social science research with studies of the special character of entrepreneurship.
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Strategy: Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/sbsca_wk/index.htmlHBS Executive Education ProgramJune 3–8, 2007
Marketing for Senior Executives
http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/mfse_wk/index.htmlHBS Executive Education ProgramJune 17–20, 2007
Senior Executive Seminar for Retailers and Suppliers
http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/ret_wk/index.htmlHBS Executive Education ProgramJune 24–26, 2007
Managing Human Capital: Key Strategic Challenges
http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/mhc_wk/index.htmlHBS Executive Education ProgramJune 24–29, 2007
Finance for Senior Executives
http://www.exed.hbs.edu/redirects/fse_wk/index.htmlHBS Executive Education ProgramJuly 8–14, 2007
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