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Engineering College
This refers to the need for a new engineering college at Dhemaji. It is a fact that many deserving candidates are deprived of higher education due to inadequate number of colleges and universities. The problem is extremely serious in Assam so far as technical education is concerned. 
In comparison to other States of the country, the number of engineering colleges in Assam is surprisingly small. Assam has only three engineering colleges whereas Tamil Nadu has 25, Andhra Pradesh 223, Karnataka 112, and Maharashtra 151. Roughly, an amount to the tune of Rs 180 crore goes out of the State every year due to lack of adequate number of technical institutes in the State. 
We are glad to know that the Assam Government has decided to establish a new engineering college in the State. Dhemaji may be selected as the site as it is economically backward and geographically disadvantaged. There are, no doubt, many places that do not have the privilege of hosting technical institutes, but Dhemaji should be preferred in the instant case as it has a high rural and tribal population. An engineering college with modern branches of engineering science at Dhemaji will not only fulfil the long-felt demand of the area, but also bring peace and prosperity to the State. 
Dr Babubal More, 
JDSG College, Bokakhat.
  (The Letter to the Editor,The Sentinel,04.05.2007) 

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