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                                 * Tribals  Sidelined*
*Dear Editor Sir,*
*            The Tarun Gogoi led govt seems to be handled by the Brahmins
and the Muslims. On one hand, he has Himanta Biswa Sarma and on the other,
he has Rockybul Hussain. Also, another Brahmin family under the tag of Phani
Sharma is slicing away public funds from the state coffer for personal
benefits. A member of the same family hosts a show called 'Bideshot apun
manuh' which infact ought to be named 'Bideshot Bobbeeta Sharma' after the
hostess who features more than anything else in her show aired through DD
Guwahati. *
*     That was about the govt sector. In the private sector, it is
Manoranjana Sinh of NE TV who also uses the channel to focus herself in all
sorts of fancy. *
*       Talented women of tribal population of the state is been sidelined
by the present govt. They have no contacts, no money nor are they married to
politically ambitious families.*
Yours truly,*
Satyen Brahma,*
Ulubari,  Ghy: 7.*
*                                                     *

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