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                Rongali Bihu celebrated in Canada
 GUWAHATI, May 4 – The Asom Sangha, Canada, celebrated its 37th annual Rongali Bihu on April 14 in the Malton Community Centre, Mississauga, Ontario. The 2007 Bihu gathering was largest in Assamese community history, participation and enthusiasm was overwhelming!

Dr Nilakshi Khataniar, the president of Asom Sangha, along with the Joint Secretaries Rajib Barman and Mandir Panchanan greeted everyone with a ‘Bihubobia’ welcome. At the outset, the president acknowledged the loss of two individuals of the community: well known Assamese singer, late Anima Bhattacharyya Chakravartty of Peterborough; and late Dr Bijit Bora, son of Lolita and late Kumud Bora of Ottawa, who was working with the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 

A minute of silence was observed for the departed souls. The president then welcomed the new families, babies, and visitors: Dibyajyoti and Debashree Gohain Barua, daughter Sneha; Partha and Joyashree Gogoi, son Arjun; Prodip and Purbalee Das, daughter Shreya Kashyap; and new baby Neeyar Dutta (son,Saurav and Sangeeta Dutta) and Deban Das (son, Bikul & Britta Das). Three welcomed visitors were Kamal Saran Gohain of Guwahati, Chandra Dutta and Parul Bhuyan Dutta of Tinsukia. 

With great humour and wit, the two Masters of Ceremony (MC)- Madhuri Hazarika and Suranjita Hazarika then started the cultural show. A chorus ‘Srimoi Asomi’ was performed by Reeta and Nubul Barua, Purbalee Das, Sangeeta and Saurav Dutta, Uma Talukdar, Satarupa Hazarika, Nilakshi Kahtaniar, and Binu Hazarika.

Children’s participation was heartwarming this year. One of the highlights was an adorable children’s fashion show put on by: Aryan Bora, Dhruv Hazarika, Priya Bordoloi, Loya Bhuyan, Priyakshi & Prishni Mahanta, Sneh Boro, Neeyar Dutta, Inika Hazarika, Jishnu & GargiTalukdar, and Shreya Kashyap which showcased Assamese fashions in the sweetest way possible.

The cultural show was continued with performances by Priyakshi Mahanta, Jishnu and Gargi Talukdar, Rubin Hazarika, Rucci Barua, who all sang Assamese songs. 

The song stylings of Shreya Kashyap, Iksu Dutta, Loya Bhuyan, and piano played by Tora Sharma and Priyakshi Mahanta also kept the night alive. Riya Das and Aquina Athayda both engaged the crowd with their dance steps, and Sanjucta Sharma Barkataki impressed with her Hindi dance moves. Uma Talukdar sang a beautiful Assamese song while Dr Iswar Chakravartty enlightened the crowd with his self-composed and other poems. Assamese songs by Purbalee Das were specially pleasing, and mouth organ by Nava Pallav Das was enchanting. Ajit Singh told few jokes, while Anjali Singh sang couple of Hindi & Assamese songs. The crowd was very much inspired by excellent dances choreographed and performed herself by Bohni Sikha Dev of Detroit, USA, with two of Bhupen Hazarika’s songs.

Added enthusiasm to the night included three sponsored door prizes (winners - Rikha Sharma, Rinki Boro, and Apurba Hazarika); home made Assamese delicacies prepared by many participants; and the delectable Indian dinner organised by the Sangha. Joyous cultural evening was ended with a formal ‘hussori’. The exquisite sound of ‘dhol’ by Nubul Baura and ‘taal’ by Rajib Barman and Rajib Hazarika, and Bihu dance lyrics of Reeta Barua and Saurav Dutta, later joined by Mitali Sharma, Jib Talukdar, Kausik Bhatta,Tara Bhuyan, Prodip Das; all brought thrills to the public. Soon it became an open ‘Bihutoli’ where everyone participated and enjoyed themselves! The president thanked everyone who helped, specifically to Sanjeev Bordoloi, Paran Mahanta for the hall, Mausam Hazariaka for dinner, Prodip Bora for video, Ryan Das with registration, the joint secretaries and the two MCs of the evening.


  (The Assam Tribune,05.05.2007)

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