[Assam] CBTC- a swindlers heaven

vox populi axomiya at yahoo.com
Sat May 5 21:30:25 PDT 2007

CBTC (Cane Bamboo Technology Centre) has been
misrepresenting itself:

1. It was an organisation of UNIDO, DST and NEDFi.
Kamesh Salam is just an employee;
2. UNIDO gave US$ 6.5 Million. What happened to that;
3. NEC's generous member Mr. Srivastava gave some Rs.
5 crores to CBTC (read Kamesh) for preparing a NE
bamboo policy; any audit of that public money? Mr.
Srivastava is also generous with his daughter
"Sadhna". NEC gave her a few crores to make a movie on
4. Modus operandi: get some foreign 'gora chamra' to
give lecture to our 'gaonwala bhais' and hog some news
print space; lecture-lecture, more lecture;
5. How Kamesh continues to remain as the Director for
so many years; 'kya raaj hai?'
6. Latest wonder: He is a plain BA..and this Sentinel
report elevated him to a 'Doctorate'

Cry my mother "NER".

>>Sentinel report: 6 May

State cane and bamboo artefacts can have a wider
customer base: French experts
>From our Correspondent
BARPETA, May 5: “If provided with adequate
opportunities, artisans from the State involved with
the cane and bamboo sector can make a mark for
themselves in the international stage,” said the
father-son due of Joseph De Reze and Thomas De Reze,
bamboo experts of international repute, who were on a
visit to Barpeta, recently. The French experts were in
the State on an invitation from CBTC director Dr
Kamalesh Salam.
The two French experts arrived in Barpeta recently,
and met Manendra Deka, proprietor of Deka’s Cane and
Industry, who has received much accolade for his work
in the sector. 
“There are many skilled workers in Asom creating great
artefacts using cane and bamboo as raw materials. But
they do not get the market compared to the quality of
their work. Their creations are bound to get a wide
market if they can be sent to other parts of the
world, mainly the European countries,” Joseph De Reze
told The Sentinel.
The two Frenchmen praised Deka and his employees, and
asked them to create artefacts using modern tools so
as to cater to a wider customer base. The father-son
duo said although Asom cultivates bamboo on a
large-scale, the cash crop has not been utilized to
the best possible extent. 
“We came to India hoping to take finished products
made using cane and bamboo to France and other
countries in Europe,” Thomas De Reze further said.
It may be mentioned here that the French bamboo
experts have planted bamboo in over 40 hectares of
land in France, Belgium and Spain, and produce nearly
a million units of the cash crop annually.
The visiting experts were presented with some thirty
different creations, all made by the artisans of
Deka’s industrial unit, as mementos.
It may also be mentioned here that Manendra Deka, a
national award winner for his exquisite creations,
have been employing many unemployed youths in his
industrial unit along with his two brothers. Joseph De
Reze and Thomas De Reze later visited Mahibul Haque,
another entrepreneur involved in creating cane and
bamboo artefacts.

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