[Assam] Bihu issue of Posoowa published

J Kalita jugalkalita at yahoo.com
Sun May 6 06:39:52 PDT 2007

Dear Esteemed Porhuwoi (reader),

The special Bihu issue of Posoowa, the monthly NRA
magazine,  has been published. The PDF version is
available at: www.assam.org/newsletter/april2007.pdf 

The table of contents is given below:

- Bihu in Sydney
- Colorado Rongali Bihu Celebration 2007 
- London Rongali Bihu 2007 invitation
- Rongali Bihu, Minnesota, 2007
- Assam 2007 Planning Meeting Minutes
- Assam2007: A Community Get-together  of Assamese
- Assam Association Gurgaon Celebrates Rongali Bihu 
- Assam Association Delhi Rongali Bihu Festival
- Rongaali Bihu Celebrated in Dubai 
- Rongali Bihu, 2007 Celebrated in Mumbai
- The Pilgrimage
- Sanchayita Sharma Joins Posoowa Editorial Board 

We thank you for your kind support to Posoowa.


Jugal Kalita (Colorado), Babul Gogoi (Delhi) and

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