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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanking USA's 22 states allow student spanking/thrashing (banned in India) . 
  Wannabe India apologists like Russel Peters (who has never ever lived in India) calll themselves Indians and rag/haze new immigrants from India with half-baked , ill-timed info http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn5jlrxcpkI He says white should (also ) beat their kids --ofcourse they do !!! In 22 US states --legally!!   
   I saw his comedy criticizing others (those who are not Indian American with Western names -like him and have come from other nations to the West-he was born here. He emphasises his British blood and Christian faith by descent and not by conversion -unlike many Indian immigrants to West  ). No wonder immigrants are a cowed down lot - always  lampooned by some ABCDs ( [North] America Born Confused Desis).  
  It seems his father never learned good English before coming to US -- maybe he was one of the indentured labor employed by Brits etc in the Caribean. He makes fun of his father - so must be true. Ofcourse he has never heard of Harvard Univ's Homi Bhabha - Professor and Head of Dept of English - born and raised in India.
  His immigrant bashing seems to be part of the malaise that ridicules immigrant children and their parents . He calls South Koreans as Drycleaners -as are parents of the V-Tech tragedy killer who turned against Western society - surprisingly in the name of Christ) http://www.russellpeters.com/outsource.php 
  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Peters bio - never lived in India and calls himself an Indian!!   He should learn how Indian say England, London, Mary-land, Linda  and such terms with a straight face - though they are so obscene in many Indian languages. Linda Goodman is popular despite her name (Linda means what you drop in the toilet -faeces).
  Is this the Americanization which is turning many against .....? Children are vulnerable and if they hear such loonies - perhaps the VTech killer heard him too (who came to US at age 8 -with limited English and heavy accent - like many of my students) you can guess Russell's impact.
  Can you? Is this free speech?
   [edit] Educational spanking  In some schools, spanking is allowed as a means of disciplining students. Such schools often allow elementary students (ages 6–11), intermediate students (ages10–13), and high school students (ages14 –18) to be so disciplined. However, schools or school districts usually specify the circumstances under which spankings may be administered and which personnel may administer them.
  World Corporal Punishment Research[4] has compiled "Regulations of individual schools or school districts" throughout the nation, state by state, and internationally, "with external links to present-day school handbooks" that specify the circumstances and personnel who are authorized to administer spankings. Spanking is still permitted in 22 U.S. states, and only two of those 22 states, Ohio and Utah, require schools to honor parental requests not to use corporal punishment. In New Jersey and Iowa, all corporal punishment, including spanking, is prohibited in all schools, public and private

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