[Assam] Vision: Super computer Robots versus Ant memory

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  After talking to my ex-roommate John P.  - a World Champ robotist - (I still have books/baggage in the shed of the house -for free-  thanks to my landlord from Kerala) I learned that even now noone knows how much memory (gigabytes, negabytes tec) is there in the human mind/brain. 
  The question arose when last time round he was explaining that the greates obstacle in making robots that can navigate themselves (without pre-programming) is that they cannot see . Even now we don't know how people see and recognize things.
  Later , I tried to use my knowledge of human learning to see how new borns learn to see. I recalled that  new borns are not able to see clearly till they are a few weeks old - and even then they can see black and white only . Only later they are able to distinguish colrs and the first person they recognize is generally their mother  -whose face they have seen a million times by them (eye clicks photos continuosly).  so if we recognize faces, colors  etc by pattern recognition - after seeing things a million times or more --and if each pic takes in some kilobytes --how much memory (like a computer) must be there in human brain.
  Even an ant can recognize objects -- besides things like sound, taste etc. How much memory does aan ant have -- more than the biggest super computer??
  PS: It was my memory of my father's army exercises - of carrying 40 kilos / 90 pounds on backpacks and running 25 kilometers (15 miles) everynight that made me drag part of my luggage last night for nearly a mile in pitch darkness alongwith a heavy backpack-to new home. Ofcourse, a recent memory was that of dragging a similar baggage (on wheels) while leaving Harvard for Washington DC in 2005

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