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   Dear Mr Wahid Saleh,   We are very grateful to receive a copy of your posting in response to our Press Release AW/001/2007 Dated 29.04.2007.    AssamWatch(UK) would encourage you to submit us cases of Human Rights violations in the internationally recognised format occurring in Assam with  permission to AssamWatch(UK) from the victim/victims to enable us to work on those cases.    It might be a matter interested to you to know that our widely circulated and Assam media reported Press Release to help the victims (within our limits) of the Dhemaji Explosion did not produce any results.   Regards.   Press section.   AssamWatch(UK)   4 May 2007   AssamWatch is a voluntary non-profit making Human Rights organisation based in the United kingdom.    
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     I understand that AssamWatch (UK) is a Human rights organization.
 From the press release by Dr Hazarika, as he mentioned about the six
 wives of the ULFA cadres, it seems he is only concerned about the
 wellbeing of ULFA and ULFA relatives.
 My question to Dr Hazarika:
 What about the families that had to part with their near 
 and dear ones due to the ULFA's brutality?
 Many of those kidnapped by the ULFA remain traceless, (for 
 your information Dr Hazarika please see the post: 
 Are these families not 'human' enough so that their 'rights' could
 be taken up by Human rights organization like AssamWatch (UK)?
 Wahid Saleh
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 Dated 29 April 2007
 AssamWatch(UK) has noted with some relief that upon receiving firm
 written commitment from the Chief Minister of Assam, the six wives of
 the missing cadres of the United Liberation Front of Asom in Bhutan in
 December 2003 has ended their 'FAST UNTO DEATH' action on 26 April
 2007. Assam Watch(UK) would like to thank the Government of Assam for
 intervening in time to save the lives of these determined ladies who
 has followed the footsteps of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi who went on
 repeated 'Fasting Protests' during the Indian independence struggle.
 We are very hopeful that the Assam Government will honour the
 written reassurances and commitments given to the ladies on doing the
 needful in tracing the where about of the missing persons pursuing all
 avenues and return them to their families as soon as possible.
 The ladies fasting from. 21 March 2007 have put their health in 
 extreme jeopardy. Appropriate care need to be provided for overall
 well being of these ladies who have put their bodies through extreme
 starvation on a background of a anxiety over their beloved ones for
 over the last Two and a Half year and it is expected that the
 appropriate authorities have already taken this into consideration and
 continue the care needed for them without any prejudice.
 Dr. M. Hazarika
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