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Tue May 8 10:34:03 PDT 2007

This letter written by a "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" smacks off as being fake or
'just another one of those' - at least to some people. However, it does
bring out some concerns.

What could also be drawn from this letter is that some people are playing
both sides. They are Indian Citizens whenever the need arises. They will use
that broken system to their advantage to the fullest. And if it so happens,
that one day Assam becomes independent, some of these people will of course
be the first in line to reap whatever is left. If not, they will make some
name here, some money there ( mind you GOI Rupees) while the going is good.

 Sir,– This has reference to the news item "ULFA jumping bail and rejoining
outfit" (AT, April 30) We, the common people living in this insurgency-torn
State are highly concerned to know from the report that a very high
percentage of arrested ULFA militants have since rejoined the outfit after
their release on bail. It is not understood how the arrested militants could
manage to get bail after committing serious crimes like illegal possession
of fire-arms, illegal transportation of lethal fire-arms and attempting to
kill innocent people by illegally using weapons. According to highly placed
security sources, the police failed to frame charges against the arrested
militants leaving room for their release on bail. The arrested militants are
not correctly and effectively charge-sheeted with a view to make their
release on bail smooth. There is strong apprehension of a deep-rooted
conspiracy between the Executive and the Judiciary in this joint effort.
Some ULFA sympathetic lawyers in the name of doing social service to the
public, volunteer to take cases concerning ULFA for the sake of money. These
lawyers know full well that they are helping the ULFA militants by means of
dubious legal help. Due to their easy approach to the judges, they take
handsome amounts as legal fee and share the money with others.

All these are our own men who have been helping the ULFA militants to get
release on bail. It is really unintelligible as to how militants accused of
killing innocent human beings can get bail. When the militants jump bail,
the bailer should have been prosecuted for his failure to produce the
defendant in the court. On the whole, there is a racket in the judiciary as
in other government departments, which is working behind the screen and got
the court's order for the militants' release on bail.

The Government of India should issue strict orders to all trying courts to
launch random prosecution against those who stood guarantor to produce the
bailer in the event of accused's jumping bail. —Yours etc., A CONCERNED
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