[Assam] Unholy nexus on ULFA bail - Letter from the AT

Chan Mahanta cmahanta at charter.net
Tue May 8 11:53:36 PDT 2007

Why should it be fake Ram ?

If I  were you, I would advise him to go see Poonam Kaushish to 
understand what he finds so inexplicable. And come to think of it, 
you might benefit find that useful yourself :-).


PS: I will have to get back to you on that HR angst.

At 11:34 AM -0600 5/8/07, Ram Sarangapani wrote:
>This letter written by a "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" smacks off as 
>being fake or 'just another one of those' - at least to some people. 
>However, it does bring out some concerns.
>What could also be drawn from this letter is that some people are 
>playing both sides. They are Indian Citizens whenever the need 
>arises. They will use that broken system to their advantage to the 
>fullest. And if it so happens, that one day Assam becomes 
>independent, some of these people will of course be the first in 
>line to reap whatever is left. If not, they will make some name 
>here, some money there ( mind you GOI Rupees) while the going is 
>  Sir,- This has reference to the news item "ULFA jumping bail and 
>rejoining outfit" (AT, April 30) We, the common people living in 
>this insurgency-torn State are highly concerned to know from the 
>report that a very high percentage of arrested ULFA militants have 
>since rejoined the outfit after their release on bail. It is not 
>understood how the arrested militants could manage to get bail after 
>committing serious crimes like illegal possession of fire-arms, 
>illegal transportation of lethal fire-arms and attempting to kill 
>innocent people by illegally using weapons. According to highly 
>placed security sources, the police failed to frame charges against 
>the arrested militants leaving room for their release on bail. The 
>arrested militants are not correctly and effectively charge-sheeted 
>with a view to make their release on bail smooth. There is strong 
>apprehension of a deep-rooted conspiracy between the Executive and 
>the Judiciary in this joint effort. Some ULFA sympathetic lawyers in 
>the name of doing social service to the public, volunteer to take 
>cases concerning ULFA for the sake of money. These lawyers know full 
>well that they are helping the ULFA militants by means of dubious 
>legal help. Due to their easy approach to the judges, they take 
>handsome amounts as legal fee and share the money with others.
>All these are our own men who have been helping the ULFA militants 
>to get release on bail. It is really unintelligible as to how 
>militants accused of killing innocent human beings can get bail. 
>When the militants jump bail, the bailer should have been prosecuted 
>for his failure to produce the defendant in the court. On the whole, 
>there is a racket in the judiciary as in other government 
>departments, which is working behind the screen and got the court's 
>order for the militants' release on bail.
>The Government of India should issue strict orders to all trying 
>courts to launch random prosecution against those who stood 
>guarantor to produce the bailer in the event of accused's jumping 
>bail. -Yours etc., A CONCERNED CITIZEN.
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