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pl elaborate.


Jyotirmoy Sharma <jsharma at iinet.net.au> wrote: Yes, Isak Swu should thank the Americans for helping them lose their  
culture. The western world having lost it's mass of followers is  
increasingly turning towards Asians and South Asians to increase  
their numbers and many have fallen prey.
These so called missionaries are often seen near Universities in  
Australia selling their religion. I attended one of their church out  
of curiosity when I was in Sydney and the first thing the priest  
wanted to know was how many "new" members have come.
Nagas want to live together as one under one administration. Why  
can't they all migrate to Nagaland instead of disturbing Assam,  
Manipur and Arunachal?
Yeah Isak Swu is preaching the gospel.. Ask him how many people have  
they slaughtered.


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