[Assam] Media bias?

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Dear Ram Da,

Unfortunately these days newspapers thrive more on bad news. And you must admit that the NE does contribute more than its fair share of bad news. The only difference is that a few years back the national dailies were not taking notice...but now they report it big time. Competing with NE for doom and gloom are ofcourse states like Bihar, UP and Chattisgarh. 

To some, it may seem like bias when the good news is missing most of the time. Guess its a matter of opinion in the end.


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Is there a media bias toward Assam? Netters have often voiced their opinion - one way or the another. While the Sentinel and the AT are NOT considered to be fair by some, what about the other newspapers and radio/TV in Assam and what about media countrywide and as well as internationally? 
Would like hear what netters feel.
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