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So- in a few years there will be plenty of bamboo. What are we going to do with all that bamboo? Send them to paper mills in Karnataka? 
  I heard from C. Mahanta that the organization and the factories to make high value products exist only on paper. His repeated efforts to reach the people in charge have not produced any results yet.
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  From the Assam Tribune
  Funds for implementing nat’l bamboo mission in NE released
 GUWAHATI, May 9 – The Department of Agriculture and Co-operation under the Union Ministry of Agriculture recently launched the ‘National Bamboo Mission’ (NBM) for addressing issues relating to the development of bamboo in the country, a press release said.

Estimated to be worth Rs 5.68 billion with 100 per cent assistance from the Centre, the scheme will be implemented by the Division of Horticulture under the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation. Under the NBM, an area of 1,76,000 hectare will be brought under bamboo cultivation in both forest and non-forest areas during the 10th and 11th Five Year Plan. It is proposed to generate employment of 9.7 lakh mandays and 50.5 million mandays through nursery and plantation activity.

The main objectives of the Mission are to promote the growth of the bamboo sector through an area-based regionally differentiated strategy; to increase the coverage of area under bamboo in potential areas with improved varieties to enhance yield; to promote marketing of bamboo and bamboo-based handicrafts; to establish convergence and synergy among stake-holders for the development of bamboo; to promote, develop and disseminate technologies through a seamless blend of traditional wisdom and modern scientific knowledge; and also to generate employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled persons, especially unemployed youths.

The Mission has four major components, namely research and development, plantation, handicrafts and marketing. In order to technically support the mission, four zonal bamboo technical support groups (BTSG) have been identified where cane and bamboo technical centre Guwahati has been designated as BTSG for all the eight North Eastern states along with three eastern states, including West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa.

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