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Unfortunately, from what I have seen so far, it 
has been a joke! I cannot even get a response to 
my queries, even after having gone over to meet 
the nice folks they are. But what I saw as 
examples of engineered bamboo usage was a 


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>So- in a few years there will be plenty of 
>bamboo. What are we going to do with all that 
>bamboo? Send them to paper mills in Karnataka?
>I heard from C. Mahanta that the organization 
>and the factories to make high value 
>products exist only on paper. His repeated 
>efforts to reach the people in charge have not 
>produced any results yet.
>Dilip Deka
>From the Assam Tribune
>Funds for implementing nat’l bamboo mission in NE released
>  GUWAHATI, May 9 – The Department of Agriculture 
>and Co-operation under the Union Ministry of 
>Agriculture recently launched the ‘National 
>Bamboo Mission’ (NBM) for addressing issues 
>relating to the development of bamboo in the 
>country, a press release said.
>Estimated to be worth Rs 5.68 billion with 100 
>per cent assistance from the Centre, the scheme 
>will be implemented by the Division of 
>Horticulture under the Department of Agriculture 
>and Cooperation. Under the NBM, an area of 
>1,76,000 hectare will be brought under bamboo 
>cultivation in both forest and non-forest areas 
>during the 10th and 11th Five Year Plan. It is 
>proposed to generate employment of 9.7 lakh 
>mandays and 50.5 million mandays through nursery 
>and plantation activity.
>The main objectives of the Mission are to 
>promote the growth of the bamboo sector through 
>an area-based regionally differentiated 
>strategy; to increase the coverage of area under 
>bamboo in potential areas with improved 
>varieties to enhance yield; to promote marketing 
>of bamboo and bamboo-based handicrafts; to 
>establish convergence and synergy among 
>stake-holders for the development of bamboo; to 
>promote, develop and disseminate technologies 
>through a seamless blend of traditional wisdom 
>and modern scientific knowledge; and also to 
>generate employment opportunities for skilled 
>and unskilled persons, especially unemployed 
>The Mission has four major components, namely 
>research and development, plantation, 
>handicrafts and marketing. In order to 
>technically support the mission, four zonal 
>bamboo technical support groups (BTSG) have been 
>identified where cane and bamboo technical 
>centre Guwahati has been designated as BTSG for 
>all the eight North Eastern states along with 
>three eastern states, including West Bengal, 
>Jharkhand and Orissa.
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