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Good positive approach,. Ramgopal.
  I lived in some parts of the world on assignment where I wouldn't have even paid a visit if I believed everything in the newspapers and media. I'd go back to some of these places even today, after so many years. 
  Yes, unfortunately the media can make or break.
  Dilip Deka

Ram Sarangapani <assamrs at gmail.com> wrote:
    Dear Sandeep,
  To a great extent the media has always thrived on sensationalism. At least, this is often the case in the US - as you hinted, bad news is good news for the media.
  I brought up the case of Assam/NE - because on the one hand 
  there is bad news: extortions, Assam bandhs,insurgents, kidnappings, killings, corruption and on the other, we have the media also reporting these.
  So, is the media at fault here? or is the media showing Assam/NE in 'bad light' just for the heck of it (among the national media).
  This constant negative reporting by the media, in general, has had a profound affect on investments, tourism, and a lousy impression of people in general of the NE.
  Recently, I had to go the extra length of explaining to an American Professor here in Texas, that it was 'safe' to visit Guwahati. He was worried (to say the least) about the problems there. After he came back, he was all praises - and only complained about the fine dust (of construction before the Natl. games).  There was at least one other person, who declined very subtly, and in passing did mention the 'poilitical problems' in NE, India. 
  Having said this, I think, there is a problem, but it can be MANAGED.
  There could be a sustained effort, if this problem of perception is recognized, and turn things around in the media, at least (Umesh did mention it). 
  While doom & gloom will always be there, it might do us well, if there was a group just to bring out the best in Assam/NE and project this to the media.
  This group could write articles/forward to national newspapers & magazines on certain topics ( as an example) - 
  Muga & Stillwell (Dr. DeGregori wrote this for the AT)
  On Assamese weddings, on Bihu (was glad to see Manoj Das & Fmly in a Natl. paper).
  On tourism in the NE
  On river rafting, tea gardens, bamboo cultivation, Assamese food preparations (in cooking shows),  etc, etc.
  Successes/efforts of Assamese NGOs (Parijat Academy, Pranjalaya, Smt.Suchibrata Roychoudhury on her various efforts), 
  and of course, Assam Institute of Management and what they have been doing
  Assamese representatives/student bodies in places like B'lore & Delhi could request & urge local TV stations and other media to carry such specials on Assam/NE
  And I think, group efforts like this take place, a few years from now, people might look at the NE with a different outlook.
  Take care,
  Ram da

  On 5/10/07, SANDIP DUTTA <pseude at yahoo.com> wrote:         Dear Ram Da,
  Unfortunately these days newspapers thrive more on bad news. And you must admit that the NE does contribute more than its fair share of bad news. The only difference is that a few years back the national dailies were not taking notice...but now they report it big time. Competing with NE for doom and gloom are ofcourse states like Bihar, UP and Chattisgarh. 
  To some, it may seem like bias when the good news is missing most of the time. Guess its a matter of opinion in the end.
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  Is there a media bias toward Assam? Netters have often voiced their opinion - one way or the another. While the Sentinel and the AT are NOT considered to be fair by some, what about the other newspapers and radio/TV in Assam and what about media countrywide and as well as internationally? 
  Would like hear what netters feel.
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