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A good friend of mine is contemplating retiring in Costa Rica. Everything
was working fine (planning) - then he came across some news about some
roving gangs that prey on American gringos for a living. Now he is giving it
a good, hard second look.

Brazil - is still fighting its image of street urchins preying on foreign

Regarding Assam/NE,  I was thinking about someone/group launching a "Project
Assam/NE" which will project and expose Assam/NE in the best light possible
- with a well-thought, professional, sort of media blitzkrieg.


On 5/10/07, Dilip/Dil Deka <dilipdeka at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Good positive approach,. Ramgopal.
> I lived in some parts of the world on assignment where I wouldn't have
> even paid a visit if I believed everything in the newspapers and media. I'd
> go back to some of these places even today, after so many years.
> Yes, unfortunately the media can make or break.
> Dilip Deka
> ============================================================
> *Ram Sarangapani <assamrs at gmail.com>* wrote:
> Dear Sandeep,
> To a great extent the media has always thrived on sensationalism. At
> least, this is often the case in the US - as you hinted, bad news is good
> news for the media.
> I brought up the case of Assam/NE - because on the one hand
> there is bad news: extortions, Assam bandhs,insurgents, kidnappings,
> killings, corruption and on the other, we have the media also reporting
> these.
> So, is the media at fault here? or is the media showing Assam/NE in 'bad
> light' just for the heck of it (among the national media).
> This constant negative reporting by the media, in general, has had a
> profound affect on investments, tourism, and a lousy impression of people in
> general of the NE.
> Recently, I had to go the extra length of explaining to an
> American Professor here in Texas, that it was 'safe' to visit Guwahati. He
> was worried (to say the least) about the problems there. After he came back,
> he was all praises - and only complained about the fine dust (of
> construction before the Natl. games).  There was at least one other person,
> who declined very subtly, and in passing did mention the 'poilitical
> problems' in NE, India.
> Having said this, I think, there is a problem, but it can be MANAGED.
> There could be a sustained effort, if this problem of perception is
> recognized, and turn things around in the media, at least (Umesh did mention
> it).
> While doom & gloom will always be there, it might do us well, if *there
> was a group just to bring out the best in Assam/NE* and project this to
> the media.
> This group could write articles/forward to national newspapers &
> magazines on certain topics ( as an example) -
> Muga & Stillwell (Dr. DeGregori wrote this for the AT)
> On Assamese weddings, on Bihu (was glad to see Manoj Das & Fmly in a Natl.
> paper).
> On tourism in the NE
> On river rafting, tea gardens, bamboo cultivation, Assamese food
> preparations (in cooking shows),  etc, etc.
> Successes/efforts of Assamese NGOs (Parijat Academy, Pranjalaya, Smt.Suchibrata
> Roychoudhury on her various efforts),
> and of course, Assam Institute of Management and what they have been doing
> Assamese representatives/student bodies in places like B'lore & Delhi
> could request & urge local TV stations and other media to carry such
> specials on Assam/NE
> And I think, group efforts like this take place, a few years from now,
> people might look at the NE with a different outlook.
> Take care,
> Ram da
> On 5/10/07, SANDIP DUTTA <pseude at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> >  Dear Ram Da,
> >
> > Unfortunately these days newspapers thrive more on bad news. And you
> > must admit that the NE does contribute more than its fair share of bad news.
> > The only difference is that a few years back the national dailies were not
> > taking notice...but now they report it big time. Competing with NE for doom
> > and gloom are ofcourse states like Bihar, UP and Chattisgarh.
> >
> > To some, it may seem like bias when the good news is missing most of the
> > time. Guess its a matter of opinion in the end.
> >
> > Rgds,
> > SD
> >
> >
> >
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> > Is there a media bias toward Assam? Netters have often voiced their
> > opinion - one way or the another. While the Sentinel and the AT are NOT
> > considered to be fair by some, what about the other newspapers and radio/TV
> > in Assam and what about media countrywide and as well as internationally?
> >
> > Would like hear what netters feel.
> >
> > --Ram
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