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I will take this one portion of your response right now. For the rest, I
will have to respond later.

*Me: *>>The best thing to do (for those who are really interested in helping
these ulfa wives) is NOT to bring in

>>unrelated demands like bring ulfa to the table for tals, or release so &
so >from jail etc.


*** That is an entirely different issue. Neither Assamwatch nor MASS have
attempted to mix the two.

At least I don't recall seeing any such thing. *It is of your making*. And
of those who were railing against

assamwatch's efforts to shame India in front of the civilized world by
publicizing GoIs despicable stonewalling on the matter.

It was the making of those who were questioning why these women should be
given that info. or questioning

their judgement and/or motives in marrying ULFA cadres in the most infantile
manner one can imagine.

I have seen some pretty despicable things from our fellow men.* *

*But speculating on these women's motives as to WHY they married the men
they did was about *

*one of the lowest I have seen thus far.*
*Below is a relevant portion of what you forwarded on April 6th*

*They demanded that: *

*(a)     the custodial disappearances of their husbands and others following
the infamous 'Operation All-Clear' in December 2003 be addressed by the
highest authorities of the land; *

*(b)      peaceful resolution to the Indo-Assam conflict; and*

*(c)     the unconditional release of the ULFA leaders in jail, which
remains a key to ensuring a just resolution to the impasse in the
possibility of talks between the government of India and the armed
opposition group. *

*These three demands simply reiterate the basic tenets of democracy and
justice in the quest for a peaceful resolution to armed conflict. The
protesting women are demanding answers from India's political classes who
tend to forget that their celebrated democracy does not extend to the people
of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and other states of the so-called


*So, all signatories (that you appealed to) would be effectively signing for
(b) & (c) above EVEN if they may have agreed to some portions of (a) above.*
*IMHO, (b) & (c) and portions of (a) have nothing to do with any resolutions
that these women seek regarding their husbands' whereabouts.*
*So, it is no figment of my imagination and nor did I make it up as you

*>But speculating on these women's motives as to WHY they married the men
they did was about *

*>one of the lowest I have seen thus far.*

I DID NOT make any such statement. Don't know who did.

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