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  Engineering College 
  Sir,-As a young boy from Bordoloni I went to Dhemaji, which is 13 kms away to appear in the HSLC examination in 1977. I was the only one to secure a First Division from that centre. After 30 years things have changed a lot. Now many more students secure ranks in the HSLC exam, not to talk of just First Divisions. There is a Matriculation centre at my old school at Bordoloni. 
       But stil,l if we look at the educational map of India or Assam; Dhemaji and surrounding areas are in primitive ages. There is not a single government initiative in higher education. All the colleges and schools were set up by venture educationalists, barring two MV schools set up by the British. 
      A look at the map will also show the size of the Barak valley area, and how they successfully bargained and got premier institutions like Central University, NIT, Medical College etc. etc. Dhemaji has no leader to fight for it's place under the Sun. Being predominantly inhabited by tribal and OBC people, the area failed to produce good leaders who will think of the development of the area. One or two, who have come out too moved out to Guwahati and hence feel shy of opening their mouths. 
        It is ironical that North East or any continent, country or state should remain backward. I failed to understand this paradox. Dhemaji being in the North East of Assam suffers from this curse. As the central government is allocating 10% of its budget for North Eastern Region of India, Assam Government should also think on similar lines, if it wants equal development in the state. 
        Announcing setting up of an Enginnering College Dhemaji could be a positive step towards that goal. It need not be a stereotyped college, but a college with state of the art curricula, whose students will become entrepreneurs and find acceptance in the industry inside and outside the state. Yours etc, MANOJ KR DAS ,New Delhi
  The Assam Tribune,11.05.2007

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