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*No cause for alarm over China's reported plans: Soz *


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*Beijing perhaps wanted to generate 40 MW of power for a village It perhaps
wanted 40 MW power for a village *

·  *43 water-deficit regions notified *

·  *Concern over ground water level *

 NEW DELHI: Union Water Resources Minister Saifuddin Soz on Thursday said
there was no cause for alarm over reports on China's plans to construct a
dam on the Brahmaputra.

Speaking to media persons after launching the website of the Ministry (
www.mowr.gov.in) , Mr. Soz said the Government was seized of the matter.

He said China perhaps wanted to generate 40 MW of power for a village.

Data exchanged

"Both India and China exchange hydrological data regularly. There is no
situation for alarm."

The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) has notified 43 new water-deficit
regions where ground water drawal was not commensurate with recharge.

The CGWB is nominated as the CGW Authority under the Environmental Protect
Act and authorised with identifying and notifying regions where ground water
levels were getting to precarious levels.

Mr. Soz said the Government was in touch with States for adoption of the
Model Ground Water Bill. He said till 2005, as many as 20 areas were
notified, while 23 have been notified in 2006 alone signifying the
seriousness of the Ministry toward the issue. "Still, the situation is not
alarming," he said.
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