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The following heart-rending plea from the Sentinel today . I am not 
holding my breath there will be ideas forthcoming from 'Citizens'. It 
is unlikely  Tom Friedman would volunteer. Ramchandra Guha probably 
doesn't think any is needed. How about NRA Netters :-)? Any taker?


Crime and Politics
There is no use talking about ''crime and punishment'' in this 
country. This is so because most of the hardened criminals afford to 
go scot-free despite the so-called rule of law being in place. This 
rule of law, however, does exist - but only for ordinary citizens, 
utterly powerless, so very voiceless. Add to this the oft-repeated 
fact of politicization of crime - a step ahead of criminalization of 
politics. So when Prabhat Singh was murdered in broad daylight in 
Guwahati on Tuesday by Manish Ranjan Sharma alias Munna, hailing from 
Bihar, allegedly at the behest of the son of an influential Bihar MP, 
what has come up yet again is the manner in which criminality has 
corrupted the contours of Indian politics. Not only this. A hired 
goon from Bihar enters Guwahati and kills on the basis of 
instructions allegedly given by his political mentor in Bihar - see 
his audacity! That a love affair was the root cause of the murder, 
does not in any way justify such heinous crime. What it proves is the 
increasing criminality in the society, thanks to the majority of 
politicians who have worked on different crime designs to sustain 
their political careers basically because by nature they are given to 
criminality. The advantage for them is that there is no bar that 
restrains people with criminal background or criminal propensities 
from contesting elections. The irony after about 60 years of 
Independence is that our Parliament and State legislatures are 
teeming exactly with such a class of people. There is one more 
aspect: even seemingly clean politicians - clean in their individual 
lives - seek the help of, and then patronize, criminal elements in 
order to cling on to power, because power has already corrupted them. 
Such politicians are no less a part of the process that makes a blend 
of politics and crime. It is time one stopped such forces from 
hijacking the nation. But how? It is for the citizens of the country 
to decide.
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