[Assam] Elections : Caste versus Race/Sex : India vs USA

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It seems that becos Dalit (minority/oppressed) caste leaders are winning elections they are now accused by so-called progressive upper-caste journos -as playing the casteist card. Why don't they seek to make a Dalit the Indian Prime Minister? Isn't there a single Dalit leader cosnidered worthy by Ms Sonia Gandhi - who can rule India?

Also, in US there are strident demands that the race/sex card be played to the hilt - so that minority/oppressed race/sex blacks/women may  have their own leader as next US  President - in coming elections.

Here noone accuses anyone of race/sex politics - is it becos journos are more broadminded in US?


 PS: What about a tribal/woman leader as Assam's next Chief Minister?

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