[Assam] tea labourers clash with protesters in tinsukia

Ujjwal Khatoniar ujjwalkhatoniar at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 20:42:49 PDT 2007

Dear Friends
Its very unfortunate how our brothers fight with us. The protesters who were protesting against the killing of an innocent farmer by the army have been protesting for eight long days without any fruitful results. And to add to their agony and frustration their own brothers some tea labourers,who now are considered as an integral part of the assamese society, have attacked them. no need to say there is a conspiracy going behind. 

What had they asked for ? Just an assurance from the chief minister that no innocient person will be killed, no women will be harassed in  the name of fighting militancy their simple way of life wont be disturbed and the will be able to live in peace. But no the arrogant administration didnt give heed to it and rather started to hatch up conspiracicies.and no national newspaper has reported it after all for the Aishwarya-Abhi is much more than Assam.

This is an oppurtunity for the people of Assam and who love Her to realise the true nature of anti-people nature of administration prevelant in India today. This is what our People must learn to hate and fight. And people dream of Ulfa being their comrades in this fight against a mighty enymy. but Ulfa fails to see the writing on the wall and the revolution becomes a dream. Is it not the duty of Ulfa who say so much about the indian army to come in open support of these innocient people of Assam.


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