[Assam] End this disease called ULFA

Jyotirmoy Sharma jsharma at iinet.net.au
Mon May 14 03:59:31 PDT 2007

After reading about the endless sequence of bomb blasts that this  
terrorist outfit is causing throughout Assam I cannot see how a  
sensible person can ever think of negotiating with such a terrorist  
outfit. The only solution left, I believe, is to eliminate every ULFA  
member and put all their sympathizers behind bars. Those living  
abroad and found assisting the outfit in any way should be barred  
from entering Assam.

Nowhere in the history of any struggle have the revolutionaries  
killed their own people in one hand and talked of fighting for peace,  
prosperity and freedom on the other. What is even more surprising is  
that there are groups(read PCPIA and others) who have openly become  
the spokesperson of the outfit. They are never short in condemning  
when the Army kills a terrorist but hardly raise a voice when  
innocent people are getting slaughtered in their bomb blasts. Yes, it  
is true that the Army has killed and tortured innocent people in  
Assam but then the Army wouldn't be there in Assam if we didn't have  
the disease in the first place.

Some questions which a pro-ULFA supporter may care to answer:
- Why do they reside in a foreign country, the population of which is  
creating economic and social disorder in our state?
- Why don't they fight the Indian Army but hide in their holes when  
confronted? Why do human rights become a big issue when their members  
are killed and not when innocents are getting maimed and killed by  
their bomb attacks at public places?
- Why do they plant bombs in public places and kill innocent people?
- They seek whereabouts of missing ULFA members, what about all the  
people they have killed. Are they going to give the reasons ?

This problem has gone on for too long. If Punjab militancy could be  
eliminated I don't see why Assam should be different. Assam is better  
off with the freedom we have under India than under these terrorists  
called ULFA.


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