[Assam] End this disease called ULFA

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Mon May 14 07:13:22 PDT 2007

Hi Ram:

Saw your comments to Sharma's anguished outburst with his wishful 
recommendations and conclusions.

Good that Sharma is letting off steam.  But as an informed and 
experienced NRA, I would have hoped to see you explaining to Sharma 
the profound flaws in his line of thinking, even though I know you 
are unable to free your own thought processes entirely from a blind 
devotion to the derelict Indian state  :-).

If audacity and the willingness to vent -- whatever that might be, 
are all it takes to resolve problems of this kind, then there would 
have been no problem left in Assam , not to mention India.

So, what is missing?

Don't you think you, as someone more knowledgeable, and more 
experienced than obviously Sharma is,; have an obligation to help him 
see things in a more mature light; instead of passing the buck to 
them despicable ULFA sympathizers, who will only make the issue more 
muddy  :-)?


At 6:04 AM -0600 5/14/07, Ram Sarangapani wrote:
>Welcome JS to the Assamnet. That was a pretty straight forward post, 
>if there was one, in these forums in a long time. I welcome that 
>fresh air of audacity :)
>There are a few die-hard ulfa supporters and sympathizers in this 
>forum too.  I am sure some of them will respond to your post, and so 
>will wait to see waht they write.
>On 5/14/07, Jyotirmoy Sharma 
><<mailto:jsharma at iinet.net.au>jsharma at iinet.net.au> wrote:
>After reading about the endless sequence of bomb blasts that this
>terrorist outfit is causing throughout Assam I cannot see how a
>sensible person can ever think of negotiating with such a terrorist
>outfit. The only solution left, I believe, is to eliminate every ULFA
>member and put all their sympathizers behind bars. Those living
>abroad and found assisting the outfit in any way should be barred
>from entering Assam.
>Nowhere in the history of any struggle have the revolutionaries
>killed their own people in one hand and talked of fighting for peace,
>prosperity and freedom on the other. What is even more surprising is
>that there are groups(read PCPIA and others) who have openly become
>the spokesperson of the outfit. They are never short in condemning
>when the Army kills a terrorist but hardly raise a voice when
>innocent people are getting slaughtered in their bomb blasts. Yes, it
>is true that the Army has killed and tortured innocent people in
>Assam but then the Army wouldn't be there in Assam if we didn't have
>the disease in the first place.
>Some questions which a pro-ULFA supporter may care to answer:
>- Why do they reside in a foreign country, the population of which is
>creating economic and social disorder in our state?
>- Why don't they fight the Indian Army but hide in their holes when
>confronted? Why do human rights become a big issue when their members
>are killed and not when innocents are getting maimed and killed by
>their bomb attacks at public places?
>- Why do they plant bombs in public places and kill innocent people?
>- They seek whereabouts of missing ULFA members, what about all the
>people they have killed. Are they going to give the reasons ?
>This problem has gone on for too long. If Punjab militancy could be
>eliminated I don't see why Assam should be different. Assam is better
>off with the freedom we have under India than under these terrorists
>called ULFA.
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