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How did I miss the Bogori Gos? The tree has revived fully in the spring now. I will post a supllement soon. 
>From what I have seen, Bogori Gos need good sun and high ground (not wet). Here the main thing is to babysit the tree the first frost by covering it with a plastic. Once (and if) it  survive, it will survive the rest of the frosts in its life. Your plant is xos (offspring) of our plant which was originally from Jorhat. Since mine is surviving, I think yours also has the survival gene. Please take care. Best of luck.of . 
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  Bogorir gosdalor sobi kot? 
  Did it get back its leaves? I am about to plant one, an offspring of your original plant, I believe. Does Bogori plant like sun or shade? Wet ground or dry?

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    Thanks for your help with reference to Flickr.com.
    I could upload some recent photos taken in the spring and post these to the net.

    Springtime at the Baruas 2007 

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