[Assam] FW: UP Left Behind or Rahul/Sonia apple-polishing?

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To: mikemahant at hotmail.comSubject: RE: [Assam] FW: UP Left Behind or Rahul/Sonia apple-polishing?Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 08:54:24 +0500From: mguru at sify.comI know you are out of work and willing to head any commission. Your MPfrom Assam is fond of commissions and can constitute one for you quiteeasily. MG

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then still had views that India’s left comrades would have appreciatedmore. The fact is that the GO that lead to the scrapping of theIndustrial Licensing Policy and the disbanding of the infamousDirectorate General of Technical Development (DGTD) emanated from 7 RaceCourse Road and not from North Block. The then PM had to work hard toget his team aboard. In fact only Mr. P Chidambaram, then CommerceMinister, did not need any persuasion>


MMS IS still right.Controlled Economic development directions still only way till India“BECOMES a DEVELOPED NATION”. Look at China.Russia,Cuba.

Chidambaramhas other calculations –Hyundai,Nokia,  -à-all new SEZ’s for TN>>>>

< do well to study Dr. AbrahamMasslow’s celebrated study on primate behavior>

You think so?

Actuallyit is for all to see. He could not care less. For last 17 years he hasbeen having windfalls galore-for no fault of his. He is having the lastlaugh. And a few tens of Crores –JUST IN CASE!


rendered by his father, grandmother and great-grandfather>


Poorfellow he has not been tutored. Or has been tutored with lies like youEulogize …forging the new Indian nationhood,     credit for taking Indiato victory in 1971? Rajiv Gandhi’s failings, inertness was not one ofthem. There was a youthful exuberance in all things he did and he lovedchallenges { now YOU are trying hard to impress Sonia/Rahul withUnflinching Loyalty   }


What India needed badly are TRUTH ANDRECONCILIATION COMMISSION TO RE- unite and set History RIGHT.And asSarkozy said”Send India-all of its 1100 million-  Back to Work/ excelworldwide”




Date: Sun, 13 May 200721:02:17 +0100From: jaipurschool at yahoo.comSubject: Re: [Assam] FW: UPLeft BehindTo: mikemahant at hotmail.com; assam at assamnet.orgCC:mguru at sify.commguru

Equating Mayawati's rule to Dark Ages by thiswriter reeks of so-called high caste bias against success of a worthyleader of Dalit community fromUP.



TheFuture of Uttar Pradesh.


Dr. Manmohan Singh has prophesized thatRahul Gandhi is the future of Uttar Pradesh. But it seems much morelikely that Mayawati is UP’s immediate future and fate. Which of coursemeans that India’s largest state and among its most backward ones atthat, will remain condemned for a few more years to kleptocratic ruleand to the narcissist excesses of personality cult? It would also meanthat India’s chances of catching up with China in the next few decadeswould have been delivered a stunning blow. UP is almost 15% of India anddominates its polity and India cannot go forward leaving UP behind. 

But UP’s politicians seem determined to put narrow and immediateinterests ahead of greater national goals. Having said this, it mustalso be said that our national leadership in general and our PrimeMinister more specifically have also failed in articulating nationalgoals. It is even more unfortunate that Dr.Manmohan Singh’s abilities ofarticulation seem reserved for scoring cheap shots at the opposition andnot for enlisting them in the great task of taking India ahead. It’s nowtoo late for the Prime Minister. His time is fast closing whichever wayone looks at it. For a start he is over 75. It is almost certain thatmany of the Congress party’s political allies, particularly the left,would not care to go to the people in 2009 to defend his legacy. On theother hand they would like to take the credit for dumping him and hispolicies. I would be willing to bet my last rupee that the left willabandon the UPA well before the next Lok Sabha elections are due, in abid to keep the cake and eat it too. Even more certain is that once outof office the Congress party will turn on him like it did on NarasimhaRao. Dr. Manmohan Singh will do well to study Dr. Abraham Masslow’scelebrated study on primate behavior and his observations on how baboonsdeal with their fallen leaders.


It is not without some irony thatDr.Manmohan Singh has of late begun to see much merit in the lateNarasimha Rao. That may also be because Dr.Manmohan Singh knowssomething that most people don’t. That is that the economic reforms of1991 were actually authored by the late PV Narasimha Rao and that theauthor of the South-South Commission Report, Dr.Manmohan Singh, thenstill had views that India’s left comrades would have appreciated more.The fact is that the GO that lead to the scrapping of the IndustrialLicensing Policy and the disbanding of the infamous Directorate Generalof Technical Development (DGTD) emanated from 7 Race Course Road and notfrom North Block. The then PM had to work hard to get his team aboard.In fact only Mr. P Chidambaram, then Commerce Minister, did not need anypersuasion. The then Finance Minister, who was the Prime Ministerssecond choice for the job, required a got bit of cajoling to comeaboard. In fact the PM had to tell him that he was going ahead with thereform and the Finance Minister will then have to decide whether to stayon or not. But once adulation was forthcoming Manmohan Singh displayedgreat alacrity to take credit. As John Kennedy said success has manyfathers while failure is an orphan. This too Dr. Singh will learn soon.


The UP campaign did not throw up any issues. It has so far been asif the ship of state has a steady tailwind behind it and only calmwaters lie ahead. The only thing that stirred the talking heads on theairwaves was Rahul Gandhi’s comment about the services to India renderedby his father, grandmother and great-grandfather. But was this such abig matter for the entire spectrum from Kuldip Nayyar and Lal KishenAdvani to take umbrage? Now who can deny Jawaharlal Nehru a leading rolein the freedom movement and in forging the new Indian nationhood? Nowwho but the most churlish would deny Indira Gandhi full and welldeserved credit for taking India to victory in 1971? And to say that hadRajiv Gandhi been Prime Minister the demolition of the Babri Masjid,however much an ocular distortion it may have been, would not havehappened is fair comment. Whatever else may have been Rajiv Gandhi’sfailings, inertness was not one of them. There was a youthful exuberancein all things he did and he loved challenges. He would not have sataround being taken in by all and sundry while plans were afoot to topplethe dilapidated Masjid. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi would have typicallydecided that the structure was under the care of the ArcheologicalSociety of India and that his government was therefore duty bound toprotect it. Besides by such time cronies like Arun Nehru who advised himto unlock the Babri Masjid for prayer by the rambakhts were long gone.So what was the big fuss all about? Rahul Gandhi was not distortinghistory. He may at best be guilty of selectively choosing from it forhis advantage. 


If lineages are what matter and as we see all aroundus they do, then young Rahul Gandhi indeed has a lineage he ought to beproud about. India’s politics are increasingly family businesses. Exceptfor the ideologically driven parties, all of which are increasinglyobscurantist, most other significant political parties are familydominated enterprises whose main purpose is to “enjoy” political power.Take any one of them. Karunanidhi’s DMK, Mulayam Singh’s SamajwadiParty, Lalu Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal, Jayalalitha’s ADMK, Badal’sShiromani Akali Dal or Thackeray’s Shiv Sena, all of them are family ledfactions bearing little resemblance to the political parties ourfounding fathers contemplated while giving the nation its politicalsystem. Obviously lineages are important in our politics now and let’sface it Rahul Gandhi has the best there is.


But that will still notmake him UP’s future. To be that he has to craft out a new vision forIndia based on a new political style and message. He must begin toaddress the real problems that beset our economy and our government. Thegreatest challenge India’s economy faces is its Agriculture. Very simplyput it has too many people in it doing too little. Today agricultureaccounts for less than a quarter of the GDP while it is the source ofsustenance for over 60% of the people. In a prosperous India, lesspeople will depend on agriculture and more of its GDP will come fromindustry and not services. To sustain current rates of GDP growth and tobe able to catch-up with China in the next three decades, India’sagriculture needs to grow at about 4%. It is currently growing at 1.6%.For agriculture to grow at higher rates a lot more of our agriculturallands need to be irrigated. Public spending on irrigation has droppedprecipitously since the advent of reforms. This trend must be reversedimmediately. 


The second significant challenge our agriculturalsector faces is the fragmentation of farm holdings. Today over 60% ofour farms are smaller than one hectare. They also tend to fragment evenmore with every passing generation. This is not conducive toagricultural growth and productivity. Nor do they provide any worthwhileincomes. To only way to reverse this is to get people off the land withalternate employment. This can only come from construction and industry.The World Bank has studies that establish that a kilometer of new roadsdoes more for per capita income than anything else. God knows UP needslots of new roads and canals. The land of the Ganges is still mostlywithout irrigation. Rahul Gandhi will do well to shape his new politicsaround water and farmer. He doesn’t have to talk about his lineage. Weknow it’s better than those of the others.


The problem is that RahulGandhi too thinks that politics is a marketing game. Which is whatMulayam Singh with his Amitabh Bachhan campaign thinks it is? Politicsin India need to be structured around policies. Policies which not onlydetermine what we will become but also how we manage ourselves. RajivGandhi had a vision of restructuring India by decentralizing publicadministration. He was dead centre on his assessment. We spend overRs.190, 000 crores each year on public administration. Of this theCentral and State governments account for almost 90% with localgovernment only getting about 10%. It is apparent that government inIndia is mostly people telling us to do this and that, and not do thisor that, than doing anything. Quite clearly our government is too remotefrom the people. Thus if a teacher does not show up in the villageschool the redress for it lies in the state capital. Ditto for a doctorin the primary health centre. India needs to find a way to put peopleback in charge of their lives and not be left to the mercies of the hugearmy of bureaucrats. JP’s slogan “Power to the People” was about this.Rajiv Gandhi did well to be inspired by this. His son will do well if hepicks up the fallen standard and learn from our recent history. Onlythen will not only UP get a better future but also India.


But thereis something in our past that young Rahul Gandhi must also learn from.He will do well to emulate young Akbar who got rid of Bairam Khan’sregency while still in his early teens. Not only did he send his mentoron the Hajj, he also made sure that he didn’t get that far. 


Mohan Guruswamy

Email: mguru at sify.com

April 25, 2007




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