[Assam] What would Lachit do?

Dilip/Dil Deka dilipdeka at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 14:33:52 PDT 2007

Levity again.
  Lasit would have said, "Dexotkoi lungi dangor nohoi"  

Chan Mahanta <cmahanta at charter.net> wrote:
        I am not into mind reading Ram. Less so of people long gone. Besides, *I* am no fan of Lasit's act , make that whack; that made him a kharkhowa hero. It has something to do with my abhorrence for applauding  or holding in high esteem an act of playing accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner  by the same person. But if I were to guess, considering that many Ahoms and other indigenous people took to Islam, voluntarily, and considering that in those days the act of beef-eating was not that big a sin, particularly for the Ahoms,  the Lungi Menace would not have been a menace at all, much less the scourge it appears to be to some of our latter day  Oxomiyas.

  But  Mirjumla's  army  was a wholly different issue. It had nothing do with Aurangjeb's  religion , their dietary habits or which way they faced to say their prayers or being cut or intact; but everything to do with defending against an invader.







  At 2:51 PM -0600 5/15/07, Ram Sarangapani wrote:
  And how do you think Lachit would view the lungi menace?  :) :)        

   On 5/15/07, Chan Mahanta <cmahanta at charter.net> wrote:
  That will depend on the degree of paranoia one harbors on the Great
Lungi Menace :-).

At 12:56 PM -0600 5/15/07, Ram Sarangapani wrote:
>America has 'What would Jesus do?' Would he buy an SUV? Would he
>reelect the GOP?
>And what would Lachit do if there were a bunch of Assamese holed up
>in Bangladesh and destroying Assam in the process?
>Just food for thought!
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