[Assam] End this disease called ULFA

vox populi axomiya at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 20:51:35 PDT 2007

Dexh bulile adexh nalage...These people couldnot
distinguish between Oxom full of Miyas and Oxom full
of Oxo-miyas..:)

we should institute two awards..Badan Borphukon award
for best traitor award for resident Oxomiya and Baduli
Phukon award for best NRA traitor.

My nominations are obvious..:))

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> :))
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> C Da,
> Pranaam!
> Sorry to butt in like I always do but what Mr.
> Jyotirmoy Sharma has written is something that needs
> to be answered (We never got our answers, although
> we put some relevant question, but let us not get
> distracted from the core issue). As usual, his
> questions will remain in the background and the
> argument will go somewhere else and get personal
> like it always does in this forum. What Vox Populi
> (I am not aware of his/her real nomenclature) has
> put forward as hi/her view is also not far from
> truth (the reasons maybe different though). But the
> fact remains that does the people of Assam deserve
> to be killed by their own kin and kith. Maybe they
> do.   
> C Da, Is it not time for you to come back to your
> motherland and face the questions put by so and so
> .... head on. 
> Regards,
> Nayan
> On 5/15/07, Chan Mahanta <cmahanta at charter.net>
> wrote: 
> Ram:
> >All you are reduced to doing is taunting ULFA or
> ULFA sympathizers, or mouthing 
> >off bravado-laden but meaningless slogans.   One
> would think >something is  missing here.
> >Yes, that does happen, like it does often with  the
> GOI/GOA and India.
> >But, I have often said that if the ulfa or some
> other group was really, really >fighting for a
> cause, and with all sincereity, I would be the first
> one to at >least give them the respect they deserve
> (even if I do not agree with their >cause). 
> *** Surely YOUR support or for that matter of others
> in your camp is NOT what ULFA has been surviving all
> these decades. Obviously it is from the support of
> those who you do not see or prefer not to recognize
> when you see them. Thus your definition of ULFA's
> 'sincerity' is quite irrelevant to the resolution of
> the conflict. IF you and others are SEEKING a
> resolution to the conflict, then the question would
> be WHAT are you contributing to its resolution?
> Again IF you believe the arguments that you proffer
> here, a regurgitation of the same old same old, or
> recommendations of JS or the 'wah-wah' from behind
> the bushes from whomever or the taunting of ULFA 
> would be bringing the conflict to an end, then I
> have to guess you have something else coming :-). 
> BTW, the label was an illustration, to drive home a
> point, to illustrate how it does nothing.
> c-da
> At 9:57 AM -0600 5/15/07, Ram Sarangapani wrote:
> O' C'da
> Sorry to have you rankled so much - not my
> intention, but some of lousy my traits just slip by.
> The labels revolution, or revolutionary are not
> inventions of JS, me or you. The ULFA and many of
> its sympathizers use these terms whenever they feel
> its good to use them. Even the ulfa "newsletter"
> freely uses it. 
> The insurgency they mount is often confused with a
> revoltion by some people. So, that is why it is
> important to separate issues here. We don;t want to
> groups (which don't deserve it) an "aura" status do
> we? 
> >Imagine me assigning a label on you as, say, an
> Indian patriot
> C'da - is this discussion about me? Didn't  realize
> that. But if you feel better,
> you could always label the GOI/Desi-demokracy, and
> anything else (if you haven't already). And if that
> doesn't work, feel free to label me - these days, I
> have grown such a tough skin (like our Rhinos there)
> - nothing seems to stick. :) :) 
> >*** What you see as looting, could be presented by
> ULFA as TAXING, tax that the payer does not pay to
> what is fancied to be the 'legitimate' >government. 
> What the two-book-keeping entities do not pay to
> GoI, goes to ULFA, who employs those left unemployed
> by India's
> rob-the-poor->masses-to-enrich-the-few-economy,
> keeps the economy running by buying what it needs to
> feed the soldiers.   I hope you read the World Bank
> >report on black-money's corrosive effect on the
> Indian economy.  Further more  on the looting front,
> how do you see the Indian elected reps' role, >in
> looting the treasury? 
> Here, there are a couple of things that tell me my
> edumacation is wrong.
> One is that "tax" is usually levied by an authority
> (government civic body etc). It is so levied, so
> that things that they do with the money collected
> will supposedly help the community as a whole. 
> I never knew a tax could also be used to line
> pockets for personal use (and not much else)
> Two. Yes, there are many bureaucrats/babus/ministers
> in the GOI and GOA who will rob th tax-paying public
> blind. But your justification has really caught me
> unawares (to say the least). 
> You imply that ulfa collects money from tax-cheats
> who don't pay their share to the GOI.
> It then takes that excess money, employs the
> unemeployed, sends  them to battle royal (from
> whence they often don't come back).
> Now, that is something. The GOI, I am sure is also
> glad that the ulfa is helping it keep these
> tax-cheaters in line.
> > Further more  on the looting front, how do you see
> the Indian elected reps' role, in looting the
> treasury?
> Very bad, rank bad. So, your solution to this vexing
> corruption problem is what, create another corrupt
> organization to emulate the dregs of GOI? But this
> time, make sure this orgnization is also violent? 
> >Had Assam Govt. leaders NOT attempted to prove that
> uLFA had no teeth by putting these children of
> Dhemaji in harms way,
> >in spite of warnings by ULFA not to hold those
> parades, this tragedy could not have happened.
> C'da - I don't know whether to laugh or cry here? 
> You are telling us, that since the GOA DID NOT
> follow ULFA's dikats, the children, men and women of
> Assam have to pay the price. After all - what is the
> Govt.?  - it is ALSO made up of the kerani, that LP
> school mastor or the corner traffic policeman. These
> people unfortunately also have children. And if alll
> these people and the GOA don't follow them dikats -
> then Offf with their heads? 
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