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Wed May 16 06:01:29 PDT 2007

Excellent points raised Chitta. I am sure C'da  will come at y'all (as we
say in Texas) with guns a-blazin.

There is one slight correction that is needed

 ****But, I have often said that if the ulfa or some other group was really,
really fighting for a cause, and with all sincerity, I would be the first
one to at least give them the respect they deserve (even if I do not agree
with their cause).*
That part is mine, not C'da. But one would wish C'da would also something
like that - am not holding my breath, though.

--Ram da

On 5/16/07, chittaranjan pathak <chittaranjanpathak at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Mahanta da Salute
> Jyatirmay posed some questions-:
> >- Why do they reside in a foreign country, the population of which is
> creating economic and social disorder in our state?
> >- Why don't they fight the Indian Army but hide in their holes when
> confronted? Why do human rights become a big issue when their members are
> killed and not when innocents are getting maimed and killed by their bomb
> attacks at public places?
> >- Why do they plant bombs in public places and kill innocent people?
> >- They seek whereabouts of missing ULFA members, what about all the
> people they have killed. Are they going to give the reasons?
> You first did your patented qualitative analysis of these questions to
> classify them as dumb, dumber and dumbest. But let me assure you, many
> people in Assam are asking these seemingly dumb questions. While trying to
> work out intelligent responses to these dumb questions, you came out with
> not dumb; but some very disgusting explanations. And in the process you:
> Justified ULFA's extortion as a form of TAXATION
> Endorsed the hobnobbing with ISI and BDesh Jehadis as a STRATEGIC ALLAINCE
> Defended the killing of children and civilians as a modus operandi of the
> Can we go back to your intelligent responses to these dumb questions one
> by one?
> Try explaining this taxation scheme to those belonging to the samples I
> have given below. I am just limiting to few-with little effort I can post to
> you some copies of extortion notices (sorry tax advices) also.
> 1)      This guy from humble background from Abhayapuri by grace of
> reservation/education in an engineering college gets a job in Public sector
> (OIL-Duliajan). Settles down, gets married and commits his first mistake of
> family life-taking an easy PSU provided loan buys a brand new Maruti 800 (it
> was late eighties). The happiness was short lived-the new car was whisked
> away never to be seen again for Xongothon activities. Served him right for
> being materialistic!!
> 2)      Try explaining this taxation to tea tribes who have to resort to
> strike every year for timely payment of few thousands of rupees as Puja
> bonus where as their employers have to pay millions of rupees to these
> outfits. By the way as you can see-the polarization is complete now. These
> guys will rip you apart if you talk of independence and taxation. There is
> no solidarity-leave alone on the ULFA front but also on the army atrocities
> on innocent people as long as people dying are from the other side of the
> fence.
> 3)      Or to the GMC trained Assamese government doctor posted in Diphu
> donating part of his monthly salary to UPDS coffer.
> 4)      Or to this Assamese teacher in NC Hills (few of the last remaining
> breed-will be forced to rush to plain as soon as Dimaraji is claimed) who is
> visited by Hindi speaking DHD cadres every month.
> 5)      Or to those contractors who still dare to do some theeka thukali
> in Bodoland.
> By the way is there any rare instance of this taxed money being used for a
> purpose like monetary help to those innocent people killed by armed forces
> in the name of ULFA hunting? Do you know of any instances?
> Mahanta da –you gave a good justification why some of the ULFA leaders are
> holed up in BDesh. Strategic reason-good reasoning! Ram da unnecessarily
> lambasted you on this. Can I ask you a personal question?
> How far will you go on endorsing such spineless strategic alliance where
> the voice of the protagonist gets muffled by those pulling the strings? And
> if tomorrow they take this BDesh/ISI aided anti-India stance to extreme and
> declare that they would like to see Assam as an independent IRA (Islamic
> Republic of Assam) asking a segment of squabbling people forgo their
> religious independence for the sake of national independence of Assam. Will
> you still support them and endorse this as a "strategic shift". Or you have
> set some limit up to which you will go on supporting ULFA's strategic
> alliance and then no further.
> No it is not a trap question for you. May be your personal response will
> give us an indication of importance the proponents place on various binding
> identities on which they seek to hold together the people in an independent
> nation.
> On my part personally I would welcome such declaration like IRA-it will at
> least remove some ambiguity about what kind of nation ULFA wants. Secular is
> no different from what we have now. BDesh sheltered and ISI supported (no
> first hand info-just what I read from newspaper) ULFA can not afford to
> declare Assam as a Hindu nation. And as it stands Islam is the most widely
> practiced religion in Assam if you place it against the fragmented composite
> Hinduism practiced in Assam. From what I sense from your posts, religion is
> not much of an issue for some of the broad minded people. Can we do away
> with this Assamese language bit also and adopt an international language
> like Bengali or English?
> I will wait for your response on this.
> Your explanation of violent CONFLICT was amusing. 18 year old boy
> strapping bomb on motorbike to kill himself (accidentally-no official ULFA
> human bomb till now) and a sixty year old is your idea of conflict. And who
> are the victims of this VIOLENT CONFLICT?  The children of Dhemaji and
> Tinsukiya Bihari!!. "We dare not go near Indian army, so lets kill the poor
> laborers" is that the logic of this violent CONFLICT  ULFA is waging?
> Lastly I will just touch two of your points
> ****But, I have often said that if the ulfa or some other group was
> really, really fighting for a cause, and with all sincerity, I would be the
> first one to at least give them the respect they deserve (even if I do not
> agree with their cause).*
> Mahanta da-respect , agreement, disagreement pisor kotha.
> What is the cause-independent Assam? Have they shown sincerity to the
> cause by removing the abstractness around the geographical limit of the
> entity they are fighting for? Have they shown the sincerity to the cause by
> spelling out how their independent Asom fits in with Bodoland and Kamatapur
> of their teen patti mates of Bhutan camps (KLO and NDFB)? Have they shown
> their guts by saying any thing on issues like Bangladeshi infiltration,
> balkanization of Assam in the name of territorial councils, or humiliation
> of Assamese national institution like AXX in Brahmaputa valley itself? Or we
> should believe that ULFA will spell out its policies on all these after the
> independence is gained. And till then we should give the respect they
> deserve for the cause they are fighting??
> But given their martyrdom to surrender ratio, what is the guarantee that
> those who are waging this so called struggle will not make a perfect Volta
> face tomorrow?
> **** Surely YOUR support or for that matter of others in your camp is NOT
> what ULFA has been surviving all these decades. Obviously it is from the
> support of those who you do not see or prefer not to recognize when you see
> them. Thus your definition of ULFA's *
> *'sincerity' is quite irrelevant to the resolution of the conflict. IF you
> and others are SEEKING a resolution to the conflict, then the question would
> be WHAT are you contributing to its resolution?*
> Why Mahanta Da –can I ask? Just because Ram da and his camp members are
> net savvy you feel they would be far removed from ground realities of Assam.
> If you half Ram da's age-may be you will have thousands who have access to
> net who are based outside Assam but whose parents , brothers, cousins are
> based in Assam. The guy may be in Delhi but his brother may be a sympathizer
> or victim of ULFA. JB college/JEC trained, OIL mentored guy may be in Doha
> earning in dollars (and reading assamnet post during lunch breaks), but his
> parents in Sivsagar may be paying the extortion amount (luxury tax as you
> may like to say).
> Things have really changed. Cyber connectivity does not mean loss of
> connectivity from Assam. And for recent immigrants like us-ami jihetu puliye
> pukhai utha di aha nai-what we think is not necessarily what we see or surf
> but what our friends and relatives and cousins are undergoing in Assam.
> But things are different for people like you who seem to be living in a
> time wrap. I don't blame you. You left Assam when Bihu ,Durga Puja and
> Tithis were the only occasions celebrated in Assam. By the time we left in
> late nineties-Baisagu, Chilaria Divx, Me-dam-me-phi, Ali-ai ligang were the
> in things.
> And now the latest-have you heard what they call -Besama?
> Reply dibo dei!!!!
> Regards
> Chittaranjan Pathak
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