[Assam] End this disease called ULFA

Mohan R. Palleti mrpallet at ncsu.edu
Wed May 16 11:15:17 PDT 2007

UlFA has become a cankerous growth fuelled by a foreign virus. This growth
must stop!

Nobody wants more bloodshed in the state. Nor does anyone want all the
ULFA to be picked and shot. They are our boys! They have made some
mistakes. They should be given the opportunity to get out of it. Let them
come home, put down their guns and help in rebuilding Assam. This way they
will be remembered as heroes. Mixing up with the ISI will never bring any
respect to them. No Assamese worth their salt will ever forgive them for

Now is the time for economic growth. While the rest of the country is
growing up, we are still worrying about whose tooth and whose nail. There
is a good shift in the number of youth who have come out of Assam to take
the opportunity of growth. But there is whole generation of misguided
youth for whom I feel sorry about.They have stepped back in their life,
living the life of a nowhere man with a nowhere plan in a foreign land.
What more worse can this be?

Mohan Rao Palleti

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