[Assam] Centres attitude discriminatory: ULFA

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Centre’s attitude  discriminatory: ULFA
By A Staff  Reporter Assam Tribune
 GUWAHATI, May 16 – The United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) today  alleged that Government of India adopted a discriminatory attitude towards the  people of Assam. The outfit also claimed that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh  had no right to represent Assam.

The outfit today released its mouthpiece  “Freedom” to the media through e-mail and alleged that all Central Ministers  reached Assam when non-Assamese speaking people were attacked. “Their families  were compensated and whole India mourned for them. But why same kind of sympathy  was not displayed for the innocent masses of Assam,” the ULFA  questioned.

The ULFA is of the view that the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan  Singh had no right to represent Assam. The outfit said that anyone who does not  represent the issue of freedom of Assam cannot be a representative of Assam. At  the same time, the outfit said that persons like Matang Sinh, Mani Kumar Subba  and Sviv Sambhu Ojha cannot be representatives of Assam.

Referring to the  killing of Buddheswar Moran in Tinsukia district, the ULFA said that it was  another incident of killing of an innocent person by the Indian Army and said  that the people of Assam would be able to live peacefully only after the  “occupational forces” are withdrawn from the State. The outfit said that though  the Government of India agreed to pay compensation of Rs three lakh to the  family of Moran, the life of an Assamese person couldn’t be valued at that  amount. The assurance of punishment to the guilty is totally false, as in the  past also; such assurances remained on papers only, the outfit said. The outfit  further alleged that the killing of Moran was not the only instance of killing  of innocents by the Indian Army in the name of launching operations against the  ULFA as in recent past also, several innocent youths were killed in “fake  encounters”.

The ULFA alleged that the Government of India launched  propaganda against organizations working for restoration of permanent peace in  Assam. The outfit alleged that the Government, as a part of the propaganda,  launched a smearing campaign against the people’s consultative group (PCG) and  the Assam Chief Minister even went to the extent of claiming that the decision  to form the PCG was not a unanimous decision of the ULFA, while, the Government  of India also claimed that the ULFA was behind the attack on Bangladeshi  leaders. However, the masses of Assam would never believe such propaganda of the  Government of India, the ULFA asserted.

Meanwhile, the ULFA expressed  concern at the recent group clashes in Doomdooma and called upon all sections of  people to maintain peace. The outfit alleged that the clashes broke out because  of a conspiracy hatched by the “occupational forces”.

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