[Assam] Gogoi are you a human or monster? The Indian army ADMITS killing an innocent and it was not possible for you to go to the bereaved family, BUT, had time to play Bihu Dh’ol and pose for photographs at a festival in Assam; not too far from the incident

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Wed May 16 23:12:24 PDT 2007

*ULFA working at the instigation of India's enemies: Gogoi*

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May 16, 2007 17:45 IST

 The United Liberation Front of Asom was perpetrating violence against
Hindi-speaking people in Assam at the instigation of India's enemies, Chief
Minister Tarun Gogoi said on Thursday.

"The killing of six people in Dibrugarh and Sibsagar districts by the ULFA
has demonstrated that the enemies of the country are prompting them to
resort to such acts," Gogoi told reporters in Guwahati.

"They are not interested in the peace and prosperity of Assam or in finding
a final and peaceful settlement to their problem," Gogoi aid.

Referring to Sunday's killing of five protestors who had blocked NH-37 in a
clash with tea garden workers at Doomdooma in Tinsukia district, Gogoi
blamed the incident on the ULFA and leaders of the People's Committee for
Peace Initiative in Assam, an overground body of organisations sympathetic
to the banned group.

"I am not blaming the innocent protesters, but the ULFA and PCPIA leaders
for instigating the demonstrators leading to violence there," Gogoi said.

Asked why he had not visited the protestors, who wanted to speak to him
about the killing of a villager by the army after he was mistaken for an
ULFA militant, Gogoi said, "As a chief minister, it is not possible for me
to go wherever there is an incident."

Gogoi said there was no justification for the protests to continue after two
ministers were sent, compensation was announced for the villager's family,
the army apologised and an inquiry was ordered into the incident.
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