[Assam] Dhani Ram cures to heart diseases

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 Dr. Baruah's Contributions To Cardio Vascular Sciences
Baruah Heart Valves :- A. Baruah Bileaflet Mechanical Heart valve Prosthesis 
                   B. Baruah Biological Heart valve Prosthesis
Baruah Artificial Heart 

New Invention in Cardio-Vascular Sciences
Complete Solution For Dreaded heart Diseases:  Baruah Syndrome
Good Bye To Heart Attacks,Diabetes & Hypertension & Bypass Surgery at the end By  Changing Diseased genes.

Baruah's CV
Research Centers 
Photo Gallery 
e-mail  drdhanirambaruah at yahoo.com
PH:-  099540-35687, 099540-35627, 099540-99549, 094353-42098, 099543-26692, 099543-26752, 099543-56802, 099543-56848, 099540-93699, 099547-03979, 091361-2786363, 091361-2789417, 091361-278The above is from his Website 
The 2nd mobile # is in his pocket.
'Anytime' he says. "I will tell caller if I am too busy at the time
and I shall call him/her back"

Can i have the contact details of Dr. Barua, pls??

098412 69233
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