[Assam] Dhani Ram cures to heart diseases

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We have been hearing tit bits report on the works of Dr Baruah from time
to time. His website seems to be very impressive. What we miss is an
investigative report on his pioneering works. Will some Assamese
reporter  come up and do the needful?. Or are we waiting for the
outsiders to recognize this genius for the Assamese to know what we



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 Dr. Baruah's Contributions To Cardio Vascular Sciences

Baruah Heart Valves :- A.  <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/bheart5.htm>
Baruah Bileaflet Mechanical Heart valve Prosthesis 

                   B.  <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/bheart1.htm>
Baruah Biological Heart valve Prosthesis

 <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/heartA1.htm> Baruah Artificial Heart 


 <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/gen1.htm> New Invention in
Cardio-Vascular Sciences

Complete Solution For Dreaded heart Diseases:
<http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/dhd.htm>  Baruah Syndrome

 <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/hp.htm> Good Bye To Heart
Attacks,Diabetes & Hypertension & Bypass Surgery at the end By  Changing
Diseased genes.


 <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/c.v..htm> Baruah's CV

 <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/Rcentres.htm> Research Centers 

 <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/PhotoGallery.html> Photo Gallery 


 <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/INDEX.htm> Home......

e-mail   <http://www.drdhanirambaruah.com/astrbul1e.gif>
<mailto:dhanirambaruah at yahoo.com> drdhanirambaruah at yahoo.com

PH:-  099540-35687, 099540-35627, 099540-99549, 094353-42098,
099543-26692, 099543-26752, 099543-56802, 099543-56848, 099540-93699,
099547-03979, 091361-2786363, 091361-2789417, 091361-278The above is
from his Website 

The 2nd mobile # is in his pocket.
'Anytime' he says. "I will tell caller if I am too busy at the time
and I shall call him/her back"



Can i have the contact details of Dr. Barua, pls??
098412 69233


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