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<Will some Assamese reporter  come up and do the needful?. Or are we waiting for the outsiders to recognize this genius for the Assamese to know what we have>
There were no Allopathic Doctors since Homo Sapiens=100,000years.
There are virtues described for AyurVeda(2000yrs?) , Chinese/Tibetan/Yunnan Folk Medicine-even today.
And the British Queen has only a hOmeopath in her household.
In Azerbaidjan,SheraliBaaba Muslimov died at 143 years-without a single jab or a tablet/Capsule.
Avoid Strong Medicine - they are tested for a few doses on rats/monkeys/3rd world guinea pigs - rest is bottom line.
My Doctor Brother had a stroke which took his first love--Urinary Surgery- out of his hands. Since then his advice to young Doctors-"Do not prescribe any Medicine if you can avoid." 
We almost took him to Beijing where a Doc has been Practicing Stem Cell Therapy with gene material from early aborted foetuses(plenty in China-official). This Doc is Candid  ":Don't ask me what happens-but my patients get cured".
 There is a never ending line-from all over the world.
Dr.Dhani is Serious "I have done nothing more than find out our rich Bio-Resources" .
 Prafulla Mahanta under pressure of "Successful Doctors" Locked him up : "I pity the Bum (pkm)" was all his reaction.
Assamese Investigative reporter!You can say THATagain!   He Q&A's  his Later-day Success Stories -whoever calls him to.
Our Oxomiya Successful Doctors cannot tolerate him. He Reciprocates.
waiting for the outsiders to recognize this genius for the Assamese to know what we have- Maybe that his best  PR TOOL. His staff is strong on Videos/Websites/Hightech Telecoms more than standard healthcare Electronics.
What is the Bottom Line-?
Toil,Sleep well-light on stomach, Avoid Anger,Talk less, avoid junk foods

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We have been hearing tit bits report on the works of Dr Baruah from time to time. His website seems to be very impressive. What we miss is an investigative report on his pioneering works. Will some Assamese reporter  come up and do the needful?. Or are we waiting for the outsiders to recognize this genius for the Assamese to know what we have?


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 Dr. Baruah's Contributions To Cardio Vascular Sciences
Baruah Heart Valves :- A. Baruah Bileaflet Mechanical Heart valve Prosthesis 
                   B. Baruah Biological Heart valve Prosthesis
Baruah Artificial Heart 

New Invention in Cardio-Vascular Sciences
Complete Solution For Dreaded heart Diseases:  Baruah SyndromeGood Bye To Heart Attacks,Diabetes & Hypertension & Bypass Surgery at the end By  Changing Diseased genes.

Baruah's CV
Research Centers 
Photo Gallery 
e-mail  drdhanirambaruah at yahoo.com
PH:-  099540-35687, 099540-35627, 099540-99549, 094353-42098, 099543-26692, 099543-26752, 099543-56802, 099543-56848, 099540-93699, 099547-03979, 091361-2786363, 091361-2789417, 091361-278The above is from his Website The 2nd mobile # is in his pocket.'Anytime' he says. "I will tell caller if I am too busy at the timeand I shall call him/her back"BRmm

Can i have the contact details of Dr. Barua, pls??

098412 69233

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