[Assam] Rongali Bihu in London (Letter to the editor, The Sentinel, 18.05.07)

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Rongali Bihu in London
Through The Sentinel, I would like to tell the people of Asom and the Asomiya diaspora in general as to how Bihu was celebrated in London this time. 
Rongali Bihu in London was celebrated with zeal and much fanfare. The sound of the mellifluous Bihu songs and the rhythm of Bihu dance reverberated in the air, even as the authentic Asomiya pitha and laru once again brought the spirit of Rongali Bihu to London. 
The Asomiya community of the UK, and those with some connection to the Asomiya community, gathered at St Andrew’s Hall, Southgate, London, to celebrate Rongali Bihu on May 6. The heart-warming music of Bihu and classical Indian music together created a unique and congenial cultural mix. The classical music was by Mandira Lahiri, an accomplished classical vocalist from India, and the light music was by various artistes based in the UK. A chorus of a popular Asomiya song and an educative and entertaining Alekhya, depicting the relationship between the Asomiya society and the Bihu festival, kicked off the cultural show. 
There were a variety of items including modern Asomiya songs, a couple of Bihu dances, Bharat Natyam, a popular Bollywood dance number and also a violin concert. 
Jiten Borkakoti, president of the Bihu committee, welcomed the guests, and Mamoni Sarmah, general secretary, offered the vote of thanks. The members of the London Bihu Committee served an authentic Asomiya jalpan to the guests. 
Like all good things, the Bihu function inevitably came to an end. It was an event that the Asomiya community in the UK would remember for all times. The people bade farewell to Bihu for this year, with the expectation of being regaled once more by the wonderful Bihu festival next time around. 
Gagan Hazarika, 
21 Greenhill, Sutton, 
Surrey, UK.
  The Sentinel,18.05.07

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